Saturday 08 May 2021

Study Strategies For BITSAT Exam

BITSAT, or Birla Institute of Technology and Science Admission Test, is an online test to get admission into BITS Pilani campuses located at Pilani, Goa, and Hyderabad. The BITSAT exam is conducted by BITS, Pilani, and it is a national-level examination for admission into the degree programs offered by BITS.

Experts reckon that to answer this admission test, candidates need to have time management skills and superior presence of mind along with the thorough knowledge of concepts. If you want to crack BITSAT, here are some study tips that can help. 

Refer NCERT Books: Often overlooked by candidates, but these books will ensure that you clear all your doubts and get the concepts right. So, make use of these books to ensure a strong foundation.

Jot Down All the Formulae: Create a special book for formulae. Jot down all the formulae in that book to read, and understand them. Recall formulae daily as many of the questions in BITSAT are formula-based. If there are complex problems, devise shortcuts with the help of formulae to solve them efficiently.

Get Familiar with English and Logical Reasoning Sections: These sections are different from what you find in other national-level competitive examinations. So, make sure you get familiar with the question pattern. Allocate one hour every day to read a quality national newspaper. Out of the 150 questions, 25 questions will be related to English proficiency and logical reasoning. You cannot use conventional study techniques to master these two sections. Reading a national newspaper will help you prepare for them.

Study All Subjects: Do not favor one subject over the other. Instead, focus on studying all subjects so that you are thorough in basic concepts and can use that knowledge to solve questions.

Attempt Online Mock Tests: It is prudent to remember that BITSAT exam is a computer-based examination. Hence, if you are not familiar with this mode of answering tests, attempt online mock tests to hone your abilities to answer questions quickly and accurately. These tests will also help you identify your weaknesses so that you can pay more attention to those areas.

Cultivate Time Management Abilities: The only way to boost your abilities to answer questions quickly and accurately is by attempting as many online mock tests as possible. With each test, you will find that you are getting quicker. Persevere until you master the technique of answering the test quickly and with minimal mistakes. Make sure you check your watch after every five or 10 questions so that you can adjust your pace.

On The Day of the Examination

When you are answering the examination, don’t get unnerved by difficult questions. Instead, keep them for the last. Focus on solving problems that you are confident about.

Remember, BITSAT is the only entrance exam where you have an opportunity to score more than the maximum marks with the help of 12 bonus questions. Attempt these questions only if you have finished solving the compulsory 150 questions. However, it is advisable to check the answers of the main question paper first as once you attempt the bonus questions; you will not be able to return to previous answers to check or correct them. The bonus question will be on Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. You can expect four questions on each subject.


Do not be taken in by people telling you that BITSAT exam is easy. You need to have a proper study strategy in place to crack the exam and join a BITS campus of your choice. So, go ahead and use these tips to study for the exam.


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