Thursday 24 June 2021

Surfing USA: Hottest Spots

Riding your surfing board while the sun rays are tanning your skin is one of the most exciting experiences you can have in the USA. Since this country is the most surf-friendly place in the world, it is very hard to pick the best spots for surfing in the US, but there are a few breath-taking, wave-rich places that every surfer should visit.

Californian Surf Eden: Malibu

Malibu is a town, a surfers’ shrine and a cozy place to live. It is no wonder that dozens of Hollywood celebrities live in this area. The coast faces the south, which is why it is mainly exposed to warm winds coming from the Pacific. When it comes to the most interesting surfing spots in Malibu, you should definitely try Surfrider Beach, as well as Zuma Beach. The former would be more appropriate for experienced surfers, while the latter is suitable for every surfer type.

Surfing USA: Hottest Spots

San Clemente: The Surfing Gem of South California

It is a fact that the gods of surfing were generous to California when they distributed surfing areas. Another great Californian location for surfing is San Clemente. This little town by the Pacific Ocean, situated between Los Angeles and San Diego, is open to surfers all year long. You should definitely try surfing on Trestles Beach, which is a host to one of the surfing World Tour events. This beach also gets waves from the south and gives its surfers a warm and comfortable surfing pleasure.

Surfing USA: Hottest Spots

Surfing Masters in the East: Kill Devil Hills

If you want to feel a mixture of a slow-paced Southern lifestyle and gorgeous waves, Kill Devil Hills in North Carolina is the right place for you. This part of North Carolina is actually a 100-mi long waterfront beach island that gets powerful swells from the Atlantic, say the people behind blog IDKMen. When coming to this part of the USA, treat yourself to some great traditional local meals in one of the Kill Devil Hills restaurants.

Surfing USA: Hottest Spots

Boards to the South: Here Comes Florida

Another beach-island waterfront barrier that protects the land from high waves, Cocoa Beach, FL is one of the most famous surfing places in the USA. Partly, it is such a well-known spot because it is the hometown of Kelly Slater, one of the best surfers in the history of professional surfing. But Cocoa Beach itself is also a great surfing location. However, it might be a better choice for near-pro surfers. Long-board surfing and beginners on the board should try The Streets first. Hitting the waves early in the morning, when the sun is rising from the east is a must-do surfing activity in this part of Florida.

Surfing USA: Hottest Spots

The Mid-Pacific Paradise: Haleiwa, Hawaii

Situated on the north side of Oahu, this legendary beach is a dream of every passionate surfer. Its location is great, since it is only one-hour drive away from Waikiki. Haleiwa is the place where Eddie Aikau made his first surfing ”steps“. The whole stripe of beaches and surfing spots from Haleiwa to Turtle Bay is one of the most scenic surfing areas in the world. While Ali’I Beach Park is a middle-of-the-road spot, professionals and those who feel that way have to try the breath-taking breaks of the Seven-Mile Miracle.

Surfing USA: Hottest Spots

Both US coasts provide hundreds of outstanding surfing spots, as well as thousands of little bays and beaches. So, pack your boards and make your surfing dreams come true.

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