Wednesday 08 September 2021

Tactical Asset Management: A Fast Growing Investment Strategy

Tactical Asset Management A Fast Growing Investment Strategy

With the repeated economic recessions and global market instability, in the last couple of years, for investors it’s become an utmost need to stay careful about their investments. In brief, the overall business setting has been driving investors to settle on risk proof investment policies, tools and instruments. Thus, wise people are in search of those investments which are not typically similar to traditional modes of investments in equities or mutual funds.

Potential investors are also demanding in choosing the investment companies that have good reputation and are administered by knowledgeable portfolio teams and managers. Highlighting the above facts, in a recent press conference, Chuck Whitman, a well-known portfolio manager and Chief of Whitman Asset Management group boasts of being the pioneering company to introduce the internationally established global tactical asset management techniques in American market for his valued investors.

Tactical Asset Management A Fast Growing Investment Strategy

Having been headquartered in Chicago, Whitman Asset Management is founded by Chuck Whitman in 2013. Mr. Whitman who is a highly experienced and most successful capital management business personality has crafted his company as a Global-Macro tactical wealth management group. The company is completely focused on providing across-the-board investment options to its customers based on its proprietary and strategic money management techniques with the whole idea is to lessen risk issues in investments. The group is a registered company with CFTC, Chicago. The basic investment technique followed by WAM group combines optional as well as tactical methodologies and has been inclined to trading of global futures, hedge funds, equities and options. Lowering unpredictable issues in investments and hold up time are the key factors that influence greatly on tactical investment process.

Back in 2002, Chuck Whitman entered into the American capital market when he joined with the university graduate Jonson and co-founded INFINUM Capital Management in Chicago. Despite the market was extremely instable due to economic depression and investors were pretty scared about investment issues that time, it was Mr. Whitman’s great policies, insight and correct steps that helped ICM grow with a steady pace.

Mr. Whiteman made ICM as 250+ manpower group while the average revenue income also noted to be a big figure. According to the expert portfolio managers that the way Mr. Whitman struggled with all adverse market conditions during early 2000 and successfully put up the ICM group in American market successfully, is all that the newcomers in the industry should learn. During his tenure with ICM, the capital management company achieved 4th rank in investment industry in the year 2009.

Chuck Whitman holds a graduation degree. He is also an acknowledged farming advisor and a very popular member at Chicago Board of Trade. Before initiating his new project WAM, he invested lot of time as well as money to ensure the productivity of Macro tactical based investment procedures. The areas where Mr. Whitman has solid expertise include Hedge funds, Capital Markets, Strategic Analysis, Portfolio Management and more. In his present role he is just not a leader of WAM but an immense educator, guide and a worthy coordinator.