Tahiti and Her Islands: A Traveler’s Guide

When you think about a tropical paradise all that comes to mind are light blue waters, white and golden sandy beaches and exotic nature that is easy on the eyes. That is exactly what Tahiti is. Situated in the South Pacific, it offers life changing experiences that will stick with you for a long long time.

When you are on a Tahitian vacation, you do not have to just lay around doing nothing, basking in the sun and sip cocktails. Of course, you can do that too if it is your idea of a good time. There are numerous engaging activities such as diving, exploring the islands and their history, surfing and much more.

Scuba Diving Experience

What is a better location to explore the vast ocean’s marine life that Tahiti. Water temperatures are pretty high so that makes for a seamless experience. There are a lot of choices when it comes to picking out a scuba diving location so you don’t have to worry about not liking your diving environment. There are a lot of coral reefs in Tahiti that bustle with colorful fish and nature. Other than that, you can opt for exploring abandoned shipwrecks or for cage diving among the most dangerous underwater predators.

Surfer’s Delight 

Professional surfers must be aware of the fact that the best time for surfing in Tahiti is, believe it or not, winter! Snowstorms in Antarctica make for perfect waves which are essential for riding the waves. If you want to go surfing in Tahiti, go to the north coast of the island, as it is the most convenient for the sport. In case you are not that much of a surfing enthusiast, it is always fun to watch. There is an upcoming surfing competition that will most definitely entertain anyone who finds themselves in the vicinity.

What About Windsurfing? 

There is absolutely no reason for you to not try windsurfing. The mild water temperature and easy breezes are perfect for beginners to try something new. Make your holiday memorable and at the same time pick up a new and interesting hobby.


It is a common misconception that cruise trips are not fun. OK, you might not witness a cruise party, but there are such options as well. If you have a yahtmaster certificate you can even go on a cruise without a skipper. You can explore the waters yourself and lose track of time while enjoying amazing views. If you do not have permission to sail, you can always check out some of the available Tahiti cruises and relax while the crew takes you on an unforgettable journey.

Mountain Safari And Exploring The Land 

Tahiti is not all about the ocean and lagoons. You should explore the mainlands of the islands, visit famous historical sites and hike up the volcano. You can go on a mountain safari and see for yourself the natural wonders this part of the world has to offer. You would be amazed at how much different the nature is in these parts of the world. Lose yourself in it and savor the memory for the rest of your life.

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