Wednesday 19 October 2022

Taking Casual Shoes To New Heights

Taking Casual Shoes To New Heights

Casual footwear has been stealing the spotlight lately. Brides are walking down the aisle in casual shoes, young ladies are dancing the night away at school formals in them. When combining the comfort of a workout shoe and the height you can gain from a pair of high heels, the two concepts meet with platform sneakers.

Where Did the Concept for Them Come from?

In the disco era in the 1960s until the early 1980s, many wore this type of shoe as a fashion statement, enjoying the dancing comfort and the extra height they offered. The raised sole played a varied role throughout many parts of history, even giving authority to some in ancient Greece and announced a class distinction in the Renaissance era. In the sometimes challenging streets of old London, wearing a raised shoe kept ones feet off the dirty streets. So, in a sense, this type of modern, casual adaptation has been around in other incarnations for quite some time, but not quite in the same form.

There are some physical conditions where these types of shoes are used to alleviate certain issues. For some people who have a leg that may be shorter than the other, the use of this type of raised bottom can be adjusted to match the length of the other leg, providing much relief from pain and a highly improved gait. Some seek out this type of shoe in order to project a taller image.

Taking Casual Shoes To New Heights

Sport, Fashion or Both?

When this type of footwear fell out of popularity, certain entertainers lent their fame to revitalizing their rise to fashion again. Since the raised portion can vary greatly in height, sometimes it’s quite difficult to tell that there even is the added section. In many cases, there is only a height increase of an inch or two. The actual shape and appearance is quite like any other type of athletic shoe and sometimes the addition isn’t even noticed. There are high quality name brands who produce the shoe, lending to its renewed popularity. There are both sport and fashion models for sale today.

By comparison, there are some very high versions, where the extension can be five or six inches in height. While they too have the initial appearance on top of any other casual footwear, the extension is a fun and exciting way to add incredible height while still having a flat canvas to walk on. There are many examples of styles and colours to try on. When it comes to materials, this particular style is often created using rubber, unlike other versions of elevated shoes which are made with other materials such as cork or plastic. The use of rubber materials keeps the shoe within the athletic genre and allows it to retain its originality. You’ll find many different varieties in all colours, designs and price ranges. With the renewed interest in this fun fashion accessory, now is a great time to see all the different types available for sale.