Wednesday 06 December 2023

Taking Vacation by Alanya Tour

Alanya Tour gives the guide for us who want to go to Alanya. The location of the Alanya is in Turkey around Mediterranean region. It is a beautiful town which has beach resort, boat cruises, night clubs and beautiful scenery at the sandy beach and waterfront. Alanya is a good place for vacation and honeymoon.When we visit Alanya, we can explore the city from day to night. It will give us some kind of pleasure to our soul. This city offers something different with other cities. We will get new experience in this city.

Taking Vacation by Alanya Tour


For adventure time, we can go to Alanya Sapadere Canyon when we visit Alanya. In this place, we can breathe fresh air and feel fresh water from the waterfall. Another adventure in Alanya is provided by Alanya Rafting Tour. We can go rafting in the river with beautiful scenery and clean water. For short time adventure, we can go visit Alanya Horse Safari. We can go around the river and the wood on a horse.


Then, we can take a relaxing time while we are in Alanya. There is a nice place which is called Alanya Turkish Bath. It is like a spa with Turkey’s Style. It will be a little different from what we usually get in our city. New experience even in relaxing is a good thing for our body and soul.


Turkey is one of the countries in the world that is full of historic event. It will mean that many historical places are available in Turkey. When we visit Alanya, we can go to Alanya M.A.S tour for experiencing the historical event in Turkey. Besides that, we also could visit Demre-Myra-Kekova. Alanya also has Alanya Pamukkale Tour for the other historical destination in Alanya.


Alanya is located near the harbor. Then, we can try Alanya Boat Trip. This boat trip is done in a big ship with unique decoration. In the front, we can see the statue of pirate’s head. Maybe, by taking the boat trip, we can feel like we are a pirate. Another cruise adventure can be got under water. There are only a few places in the world that have beautiful scenery under water. And, one of them is located in Alanya. Then, we can go to Alanya  Scuba Diving . We can swim with fishes and see the beautiful view on the water.

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