Saturday 08 May 2021

Taking Your Car To An Auto Repair Shop

Taking Your Car To An Auto Repair Shop

You’ve decided to take your car to the auto repair shop. How should you go about it and what should you look out for? When choosing an auto repair shop, it is better to start looking early so that you do not rush into decisions at the last minute.  Ask for recommendations from family, friends and any other people you trust.  They will know of a dependable and trustworthy auto repair shop.  This will save you a lot of time, money and stress associated with choosing an auto repair shop.  Additionally, you can do your research online to find out the best deals offered by auto repair shops.  Above all, ensure that the shop you settle for has the necessary qualification and certification.  This guarantees you quality service from the chosen shop.  Ensure that you also get a warranty for your car before allowing any repairs on your car.

On choosing a technician, you can opt for more than one technician. You do not have to settle for one only.  When choosing a technician, look for their certification.  These are normally displayed in the shop.  In the USA, you should be looking for ASE qualification since the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence is the only one approved to offer certification in the automotive industry within the country.  ASE approved technicians also undergo continuous education and certification on technological industry advancements which equips them with the expertise, skills and knowledge needed to handle your car correctly.  Additionally, find out if the technicians have experience in handling your car model.

Taking Your Car To An Auto Repair Shop

How should you go about handling repair charges? This is what puts most clients and technicians at crossroads.  There are however recommended ways of going about this that will save both of you a lot of trouble.  To begin with, ask how the shop prices work.  Some charge a flat rate on labor irrespective of the amount of time it takes to fix a car while others charge depending on the amount of time a technician actually takes on the car.  This should give you an informed guess of the kind of labor costs to expect.  Next, find out if they charge for diagnosis.  Many do however charge for diagnostic services.  Once the diagnosis is made, ask for a written down cost estimate that you will sign against to show that you are fully aware of the services you’ll be receiving and how much they will cost. This will ensure that the bill you receive makes sense by not surpassing your initial estimated price. If it does, it should not be way above the estimated cost.  It insures you against technicians who may try to swindle you of your money by adding unnecessary costs and charges for your car repair.  Additionally, the written estimate should indicate that in case any further work may be done on your car, that the shop should seek your approval first.

Once work is done at the shop, you should get completed repair order describing all the work done.  The order should include the list of repairs done, the parts used and the cost of each, labor charges and the car’s odometer reading for before and after repair work.  Remember to ask for all the replaced parts.

If you are going for preventive maintenance, ask the shop to explain any other recommended service that may not be on the manufacturer’s schedule.  This prevents you from having to go for more maintenance than the one recommended.  To finish off, ensure that you get a warranty for the repair work done on your car.  Have it written down and ensure that you understand it.  Warranties vary in terms of time, mileage and deductibles.

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