Thursday 09 March 2023

Talent Acquisition In Online Startups

When it coms to a startup and small business like the removing complaints from Google company, oftentimes when they are looking to hire another employee, they forget about how to properly recruit and go through the talent acquisition part of the business.

Value referrals

Hiring someone that knows the industry means they will hit the ground running and that’s exactly what you want for a startup.

Ask pertinent interview questions only

Only ask questions that give insight to their talents and skills that can be valuable addition to your team.

Let the recruit make mistakes

Startups are always learning new things and pushing the limits therefore expect them to make certain mistakes.

Wait and watch

You may want to wait and take your time to hire a better match for the role rather than jumping on the first few candidates that don’t exceed expectations.


It is important to push the limits and over exceed the goals you set for your employees are that one company goal that everyone works towards.

Give them a reason to love the job

Talented employees are the employees any business wants therefore having a friendly work environment is key and it is important for employees to trust and create an enjoyable culture for others.

Judge the impact

Look for candidates who know exactly how their work and their addition to the team can help other employees in the business.

Team player

Early-stage startups know the importance of teamwork and if you want to grow your business, having a diverse team is where you should start.

Take ownership

An employee in a startup shouldn’t be one to dwell on past mistakes. They need to have an attitude where they can move forward, take ownership and take pride in their work for the startup to grow.

Fulfill their needs

It is important to remember to fulfill the new hires needs by ensuring to give them job satisfaction so that your turnover rate remains quite low. It is important to be sure to discuss this with the new employee so both sides are on the same page.