Wednesday 12 May 2021

Teach Your Brain Never To Forget !-8 Tips To Longer Retention Of Information

Possessing good amount of retention skills of what you study is of great significance to a student. Often , students have to spend a great amount of time trying to recollect what they have learnt, by putting so much effort. The amount of time that can be saved if you adopt the right kind of memorizing technique for any preparation like UPSC Preparation is tremendous. Studies say that the right kind of learning is said to increase productivity and retention skills by 200-700%.

For all those who want to save time by adopting the right memorizing technique , here are eight tips that you can follow :

  • Understanding rather than memorizing

Teach Your Brain Never To Forget !-8 Tips To Longer Retention Of Information

The brain retains the matter that has been understood by you. Often , students simply try to memorize a topic or concept , or do rote learning rather than trying to understand the concept in depth. This could be the first step taken by you , as a student , to improve your retention skill. This will help you a lot to cover your entire syllabus in minimum time .

  • Take Notes

All the three kinds of learners , namely , verbal, visual and experiential should be encouraged to take notes of what they are learning. Studies show that writing down what you learn increases your retention skills by 20-30%.

  • Self-rehearsal

Sitting in a quiet place and rehearsing all that you have learnt using your own unique method will ensure reinforcing all that you have studied.

  • Visual learning

The efficiency of learning is said to increase by 400% if visual learning is adopted .This is the peculiar capability of the human brain to retain what is visually learnt .Among all , visual learners occupy 65% of the population, i.e., such a large population of learners tend to gain better retention of information by learning through visual media. So, it is always advised to visualize what you study if no visual learning medium is available.

  • Teach what you learn

It is always observed that if you teach another person the same concept that you have learnt , you will be able to retain it in your mind for a very long time.

  • Bridging technique

A bridge is built in between the terms to be memorized. This is used mainly where terms involving word pairs have to be memorized. An example given by memory experts is the learning of the capital city of the country, Poland. The capital of Poland is Warsaw. World War II started with Germany’s attack on Poland. Thus, it is arranged as Poland SAW War first. The information of World War acts as the bridge here.

  • Acronyms and chunking

Developing acronyms is an age old method of memorization , for example , PUG for Pick Up Grass . Similarly, chunking is a method by which we can split information into smaller chunks, so as to easily remember long terms and sentences.

  • Rehearse before going to bed

Recollect what you have studied the entire day before you go to sleep.

Byju’s have made it a point to incorporate all the aforementioned factors excluding those that you need to practice on your own. Byju’s app has been designed in a way so as to help students improve retention skills by involving all those constituents that will make the process of memorizing lessons way more easier than before. Embrace the art of adaptive and interactive learning and begin to enjoy the journey that is education. Learning is fun with Byju’s!


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