Technological Advancement Of Dairy Farming In India

Dairy farming is the operation to ensure maximum milk production. Typical responsibilities include monitoring the health of the cow, maintaining eco-friendly waste management system and maintain your farm clean.

It was an idea of earning money mostly in the villages by producing the breath milk and sell it out, to grow this idea and improve the productivity they increase the farm size and adopted the robotic milking for this system needed the new technology and planned manner.

Business is the activity where good and service are exchange with money, the dairy milk is the business and the type of industry which has created a lot of farming jobs to people for profitable business venture dairy farmers requires to work hard and have proper plan with the alert managers and supervisors . It is the small business which can grow and able to become a large business, if it takes the right place with good management and hard workers, making a strategic choice play a significant role in growing the economics of the dairy farming.

The growth was found to produce on farms that had adopted robotic milking which takes control over the loose housing technology , these technology are intended to increase labor and feed efficiency ,and improve cow health through automation or increased availability to information for improved cow management ,the uses of the technology is not something new in the history of dairy farming in fact it is so useful that it eliminate the use of manpower and  also improves  fast producing of milk , with the help of the technology and machines these things become more easier and fast with less workers , the technological made some changes but it’s also required the automation to solve problem and improve the grow and add more profit , the profit shows that the business is going the manager will always want the good for his industry and huge profit .

The treatment must take at that place, since the health of the animal is very important because the business is depending on its producing.

The milk become one of our daily need that’s why some industries also start making the milk in each and every process of the production.

Dairy farming in India:-

According to a report milk production in India is likely to reach 200 million tonnes by 2016 and the annual turnover has gone upto Rs 5 lakh crore. With planning, proper commission of machines and latest technological trends targeting 4.5 to 5% growth for animal husbandry is now not a big deal and any business man can easily reach this growth rate annually. As one of the major source for livelihood in rural areas, animal’s government of AP plans to develop fodder nurseries, bund plantation, perennial fodder crops and fodder conservation over next 4 years.

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