Sunday 30 May 2021

The 10 Best Educational Apps For Android

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Do you know the most obvious and remarkable difference which technological inventions such as “apps”, “software” and recently “IOT” devices etc have given? Well, they have thrown open the doors for greater information and learning by empowering people with extensive and researched knowledge right in the comforts of their home. So, let’s take a look at the 10 Best Educational Apps for Android:-

The 10 Best Educational Apps For Android


Your job prospects increase way more, provided you know various languages of the world. Now, if you want to cement your professional career and are simply interested to learning different languages, then Busuu will make it interestingly easy. It has a solid base of more than 45 million users with 11 popular languages of the world waiting for you.


Now, challenging math problems will end as the moment camera of your phone is pointed on the query, you will get a step by step guide for solving the same. Similar to Photomath you can also play varieties of math or educational games at Myeducationhub App or from their site.


How about enhancing your admission process with an app which has partnered with more than 100 top universities globally? If yes, then you can enroll yourself across more than 600 courses at reasonable price.

TED Talks

Motivational and esteemed speakers from around the world who can simply “up” your level by instilling a sense of confidence work wonders, so use TED Talks, if you want to their collection

Star Chart

Education is a vast field where your extra-curricular activities have its own weightage. Likewise, you can get the “vast night sky” (meant for educational purpose) in your mobile screen by holding it up the air. Yes, amongst 1, 20,000 start with 88 constellations; this educational app will help you learn lots of interesting things.

Tiny Scanner

Now, your hand-written notes can be converted into PDFs to be sent to your classmates or others by email. If required, you can use right color or crop the image too.


The most obvious need to enhance the capabilities is to present things with “make to-do lists “which systemizes and speeds up the things. Likewise evernote empowers students with attaching files, setting reminders by organizing things in detail for creating sophistication in studies.

Microsoft Office Mobile

So what if you don’t have laptop, still your homework can be done with perfection with the app. Yes, it lets you create access as well as make necessary editing with respects to PowerPoint, excel or word documents.

Yahoo News Digest app

Update yourself with informative news regarding quotes, videos and photos twice a day, which is in morning and at night.


Do you need help from experienced tutors? Are you looking for informative textbooks for solutions? If yes, then the app is the best bet.

Final thoughts

Let’s dive into sea of learning with the aforesaid 10 Best Educational Apps for Android


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