The 2 Major Applications Of Virtual Phone Number

Virtual Phone numbers is a revolutionary tool of the telephoning world. Virtual Phone Numbers are used by billions across the globe because of the advantages it offers. A regular landline or a mobile number could be virtual and used to route calls to the actual number. The advantages are that the calls are made of local nature with this concept because of a code assigned and thus, the local charges are only considered and no roaming or distance charges are considered for overseas calls. Also, the virtual number can be made to route calls to not just one but a set of telephone numbers. Therefore, virtual numbers find their applications in several fields.

It can also be used as more secure means with VoIP. Virtual numbers can also be used by individuals. People who travel often need to have a virtual phone number to have a cost effective means of calling their loved ones and family living in a different city or country. For the concept of a virtual receptionist, virtual phone numbers are used.

Let us have a look at the two major applications of virtual phone numbers in details: –

  1. Marketing – Virtual numbers find their use in Marketing. Several marketing campaigns that focus on understanding the global market. The virtual phone numbers enable in tracking from where, that is which marketing campaign maximum traffic is driven. The marketing return on investments (ROI) can be tracked with virtual phone numbers. It is used by media channels. Call for help channels on social media. Which marketing campaign is performing better and where the money from the marketing budget is being spent most can be tracked via virtual numbers. For this purpose, virtual numbers with a call tracking software are used. Since many customers do call, it benefits the marketing campaigns and does not even involve too much cost or expense. For ROI tracking, a couple more APIs can be used. Thanks to the advancement in technology.
  2. Business – Virtual numbers are extensively used by many business across the globe. In business it is used to establish the local presence of the business in other countries and cities in addition to the one where the business is based. Instead of paying for a foreign exchange line, the virtual number for telephony come in to picture at really affordable rates for small as well as large business. It is also widely used by call centers. Call centers are physically located in one place but can be virtually present in several locations with the corresponding time zone 24/7 to attend to customers on a wider scale. Most of the businesses nowadays are employing a whole virtual phone system. This does not require any additional hardware. Thus it is a very least costly affair and small business can use it to their benefit. The major benefit of a virtual phone system to not be chained to a specific employee or desk for work phone calls.
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