The 8 Biggest Benefits Of Hiring A Private Tutor

Up and down the UK, there are more private tutors offering essential tuition for school pupils and students of all ages than ever before. According to the experts at, the public’s interest in private tuition has never been greater as parents not only strive for the very best future possible for their children, but also discover just how effective and affordable private tuition can be.

So for those who may have been considering private tuition for a while but are yet to make a final decision, here’s a quick look at the eight biggest benefits to expect when hiring a private tutor:

1 – Direct Attention

First of all, there is simply no escaping the fact that when a child learns in an environment where there is one teacher and a large group of students, it is impossible for them to be given any real direct attention. The teacher instead needs to focus on the collective needs of the group rather than the individual needs of each student – something which is reversed entirely when it comes to private tuition.

2 – Choice of Tutors

While you may have a say in which school your child attends, there’s really nothing you can do by way of choosing their teachers specifically. It’s inevitable that certain students and teachers will clash for a thousand and one reasons, while at the same time there will always be those teachers who have a specific teaching style which doesn’t resonate with certain pupils. With private tuition, you call the shots from start to finish.

3 – Help with Homework

It’s no secret that younger school pupils in particular cannot stand doing homework and approach every task with a sense of dread and misery. By hiring a private tutor however, they are given access to the kind of help and assistance that can make homework infinitely less of a chore and perhaps moderately enjoyable.  And of course, this kind of help also frees up valuable time for busy parents.

4 – Study Skills

While the standard curriculum of most schools will centre around standard core subjects, the help of a good tutor can go much further than this. For example, more often than not a tutor will help teach their students about important study skills, time management and perhaps even how to better prepare for important exams.

5 – Confidence

It is almost impossible to learn or to contribute to your own development in general if you do not have a strong sense of confidence in your abilities. This is hard to attain if you are struggling in any way with your studies, which is precisely why the efforts of a good tutor can be pure gold for kids with low confidence. By showing them what they can do and giving them pride in their abilities, any child can be instilled with a sense of newfound motivation and a strong desire to learn.

6 – Time Saving

As already touched upon, it is of course of the utmost important for parents to get involved with their kids’ education and development across the board, but when and where time simply isn’t an asset you have to play with, the help of a good tutor can be worth its weight in gold. It’s simply a way of relieving pressure when and where necessary and ensuring that even when you as a parent are unable to offer your full time and attention for any reason, there’s a professional to step in.

7 – Insights and Feedback

It is of course natural for any given school pupil working with a private tutor to behave considerably different than they would with their own parents. This can be incredibly useful in providing insights into not only the child learning style, but also any problems or obstacles they may be facing which may have escaped the attention of the parents. Just like adults, a lot of kids tend to be much more likely to open up to people who are essentially strangers to them than to be honest with their own parents.

8 – Innovative Teaching

Last but not least, it is also worth bearing in mind that when schools follow a very strict curriculum, and are charged with the task of teaching many hundreds of students, it’s natural that they will become set in their ways with regard to teaching styles and standards. By contrast, an exceptional private tutor will be able to introduce and experiment with the right variety of innovative teaching methods which have the potential to reach out to schoolchildren in a way conventional teaching perhaps never could.

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