Saturday 08 July 2023

The Benefits Of A Roof Lantern To A Hotel Lobby

The Benefits Of A Roof Lantern To A Hotel Lobby

Have a think about a grand, welcoming hotel lobby; you know, the fancy types of entrances to hotels that give you the impression that it is a place of elegance, style and substance to stay for a night (or longer). The majority of you will be thinking of a lobby space that is full of light, clean edges and stylish aesthetic. One way in which a hotel lobby can become this warm and welcoming space for guests and visitors is to ensure there is plenty of light available from all angles. For hotel lobbies that are perched to the front of the main structure, with a flat roof as part of the build, a roof lantern provides the perfect way to flood light into the room from above.

Some hotel lobbies have been constructed in a way that makes them appear much like conservatories and orangeries do to the back of residential properties, or with a flat roof extended out from the front of the hotel structure. The primary function of a roof lantern is to help bring natural light into a room, or space, where there is a distinct lack of light. For a space that is being used for the purposes of welcoming guests and improving the reputation of a hotel, a roof lantern can bring in the warm light that adds the icing on the cake and gives that ultimate first impression of belonging that all hotels wish to convey to its guests.

Bring in Plenty of Light

The major reason that roof lanterns are desired at any property is that it helps to bring in much needed light to otherwise dark and dingy rooms and areas. For a hotel lobby there is a knock-on effect to this, in that it helps to bring benefits of health and happiness to hotel reception staff that work long hours in this space. Guests will also feel the benefits of the extra light when entering a hotel lobby, especially to check in, but also at different points during their stay.

Save Bills on Energy

As a hotel manager or owner, one aspect that you have to think about is cost efficiency. Although there is the obvious installation costs, a well-placed roof lantern can actually help you to save money over time. The natural light that floods the area it has been installed in will help to lower electricity bills, with the roof lantern paying for itself before its expiry date.

Add Much Needed Ventilation

The last thing any hotel lobby needs is to feel stuffy to guests, who are checking in after a long journey, waiting to check out, or just trying to relax as part of their stay. Roof lanterns can be used as part of a ventilation plan, with some offering openings much like a traditional window.

As you can see, a well-placed roof lantern can make all the difference to a hotel lobby aesthetic. In terms of making your guests and visitors feel as welcome as if they are returning home, and showing them the style and grace that they can expect to experience during their stay at your hotel, there is nothing quite like a quality roof lantern to bring in extra light, space and an airiness to a space.

Content written by Henry Gard