Saturday 08 May 2021

The Benefits Of Using Aggregators For Both Employers and Jobseekers

Recruiters use aggregators as a resource attract candidates and candidates use these aggregators without knowing what the term means. In layman’s term an aggregator is a job search engine which collects job ads from various websites across the web. A good example of an aggregator is which operates as a database where job seekers can conveniently look for work.

The Benefits Of Using Aggregators For Both Employers and Jobseekers

  1. Aggregators are a Cost Effective Solution for Both the Candidate and the Employer

The employer and jobseeker don’t have to incur any costs to view or post a job advert; this immediately works out as inexpensive instead paying a newspaper to advertise a job posting. Some of the optional/additional costs incurred may be PPC (pay per click) so that an employer is able to have their postings rank higher than others.Employers and recruiters save on upfront fees, unnecessary costs and lump sums for posting job adverts. Employers no longer have to set aside large budgets for job adverts; enabling employers to set a monthly or one budget which suits them when they need to hire new staff.

  1. Aggregators have Great SEO Search Results

When candidates are looking for jobs and consult with Google, Bing or Yahoo; job aggregators like zigo rank the highest in search results. Candidates are likely to browse these websites instead of jumping from one site to the next.

  1. Aggregators are Responsive to Mobile Devices, thereby simplifying the Application Process

Aggregators tend to evolve rapidly and are in tune with the latest mobile technology ensuring a seamless user experience. A vast amount of visitors to job aggregators use mobile devices and this is advantageous for employers as their newest become more accessible to the general public. It is estimated that by 2020, there will be over 6.1 billion smartphone users globally so it is very necessary to accommodate mobile users as they are ever-increasing.


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