The Best Way To Pack Like A Pro For Your Summer Travel Adventure

Packing is always such a pain, no matter the longevity of your stay or the destination you are exploring. How many times have you actually thought of cancelling the trip because you had no idea what to pack and had no efficient way to do it! I know, we’ve always been there!

But, say goodbye to your packing troubles! Be sure this tutorial will help you plenty and you’ll be able to enjoy your travel adventure sooner than you’d hoped!

Make a List

Lists are Heaven’s way of helping us out with everything in life. Honestly! Once you make a list, everything seems easier and more logical – in business, while grocery shopping or packing for your holiday.

So, the first thing to do is to list everything you feel you’ll need on your holiday. Make categories:
a) underwear b) hygiene and makeup c) clothes d) footwear e) first aid kid f) accessorize/jewelry

Now, cross out half of it. That’s objectively what you’ll wear anyway. Unless you are attending a gala holiday with celebrities and luxurious yacht outings, there is no need to pack your entire summer wardrobe with you. Pack light and bring essentials. Focus on having fun on your holiday, not changing outfits!

Don’t Force It

There are plenty of pieces of clothes you feel you adore but never wear. Why then bring them with you on holiday when you know you won’t be wearing them! Instead, use your list as guidance – bring only those pieces you know you’ll enjoy wearing. Also, avoid those just-in-case-outfits. How often do you need them, anyway! If it happens there is a prompt social event you simply need to attend, you can always turn to browsing dresses online that ship in the area of your holiday. Whatever you pick will be delivered within a day or two, so there won’t be any drama.

Say “yes” to Essentials

Holidays should be all about having fun and enjoying your time, so exercise your right to enjoy and dress for fun!

My traveling experience has taught me that sticking to a few versatile pieces of clothing and pairs of shoes is key to packing light. In short, go for patterns and colors that will mix and match easily.  This will make it possible to wear each piece more than once but still look fresh and cool.  For women, include pieces that can transition from casual to dressier. As for shoes, I never pack more than 3 pairs and it’s always more than enough.

Pack your favorite pieces of jewelry, those you know you always wear. Sure, you think holiday is the best time to show off those amazing earrings you bought a couple of months earlier, but – don’t bring them for nothing. You’ll end up wearing your favorite ones through your entire holiday!

Also, before actually putting stuff in your suitcase, spend some time (you won’t need longer than an hour). After you’ve visualized it, put the pieces together and snap a photo of the combinations. This way you won’t forget what was the idea behind that green top and those silk shorts.  Depending on your mood, you can always switch it up.

Your makeup kit is an essential part of any traveling bag, naturally. Only – it’s summer – so I’d advise you get rid of all those foundation bottles, eye shadows, lip liners in multiple shades and other “makeup essentials” you generally use. Your skin will soon start glowing a bronze shade, so you won’t be needing anything but a mascara, bronzer, lip balm and, eventually, a lipstick in a bold color. Let your skin breathe!

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