Tuesday 18 October 2022

The Concept Of Homework – Bliss or Misery?

The Concept Of Homework – Bliss or Misery?

A long, hectic day at school, with the immense pressure of classwork and then later on coming home to more stressful homework allotted by the teacher. This is clear distress and frustration that is often observed in the behavior of young children. Your child is eventually tired, drained, cranky and irritated but still, these emotions will not help him avoid the deadly homework the teacher gave. Sometimes, it is considered as a bliss for many parents as you get to receive silence in return for that, whereas, it is equivalent to misery as some parents have to struggle to get the homework done for their kids. Hence, doing homework is not the sole job of children, but it equally involves the responsibilities of parents. You are annoyed yourself, because you know a war zone is about to be created when you ask your child to bring the homework notebooks! While performing this act of agony, some parents re-think and ask if homework is going to make their child better in studies. Will the given amount of homework keep him busy? Or if this act is going to make a bit smarter every day? No definite answers are given by parents as they know they are confused themselves just like the children! But let us discuss some various techniques which can make homework to be more of a bliss and no more a misery. Learn how you can manage your child’s homework by performing simple easy tasks.

The Concept Of Homework – Bliss or Misery?

Entitle a Work Place

Allow your child to initiate their study process in a specific area, do not let them do their homework in front of the television or while listening to songs. Make sure you have a spare study room, allotted for the purpose of storing books and to perform educational activities. This helps in setting up the mood to study. Moreover, make sure it is quite, comfortable, not at all noisy and a room with no distractions at all.

Work with them

This allows assistance from the parents in terms of completing the homework. Help them in drafting essays or papers and also, help them by giving report writing tips, this will result in creating a long lasting bong with the parents and can make their academic life brighter. Moreover, with the presence of the mother or father while doing homework can help them to increase their spirits, they can focus well and their concentration span can be seen increasing. If they are alone, they might not be motivated enough and they might view distractions around them as interesting.


Not as a habit, but do give your child rewards and praise their efforts after they have completed their work. This will create an image of performing a better task and they might be more interested in completing the homework as soon as possible. Do give them extra credit, a small gift or acknowledgement in all sorts that they might appreciate. Do not make this a habit, but do try to do this more often.

Control Negative Emotions

Whenever your child is performing poorly while doing homework, do not scold them as it will make things worse. Try to be encouraging at all times and make sure you control your negative emotions and do not express them in front of your child.

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