Saturday 15 May 2021

The Domain Of An Education and Third World Countries

In this present era of globalization and advancement, this is an important statement to consider because of the fact that education scenario is not very encouraging specifically in third world countries. The reason is obvious as lack of enough resources and improper facilities has resulted in the decline of the education system to a large extent.  As a result, the difference between rich and poor countries of the world is increasing as the time is progressing.

There is no point of denying this aspect that with the passage of time, resources are reducing and as a matter of fact people are not living lives according to their wishes or demands. Therefore, this is also adding harm to their cause and the scenario is becoming more devastating.  There is need of taking some serious measures in order to combat with this situation in best possible manner. This aspect must be taken into consideration the normal lifestyle of an average middle class family in poor countries of the world is declining. This has also resulted in the drop out in the domain of an education to a considerable extent.

The Domain Of An Education and Third World Countries

In recent times, the education domain has been greatly influenced by this scenario as the poor countries are not able enough to cope up with the challenge of illiteracy or low level of education. Therefore, in order to attain higher education most people of the third world countries go aboard or in developed countries where education standard and system has been sustained and beneficial. This is a matter of fact that many successful or rich countries have actually focused on the improvement or enhancement of education system. This has resulted in attaining the desired outcomes in each and every domain of life. This aspect should be taken into consideration that higher education has been given very much importance or significance in developed countries.

The results are quite pleasing and satisfying as the universities in these countries are providing knowledgeable human resources to the societies. These human resources are also playing a huge role in the success of their countries’ economic or social situations a great deal. Considering these aspects in mind there are different students studying in universities who belong to lower or poor countries of the world. As a result, these students are being targeted and approached by different people who are providing academic writing services in order to solve the academic or education problems of these students.

There are different kinds of sentences posted or written in different social media or other online platforms such as coursework writing service or academic writing services. These kinds of sentences such as an assignment writing service do relate and portray the education decline in most of the poor countries of the world. Therefore, with the passage of time, this decline of education is continued and it has become a major concern in the present scenario.

The students, as well as the stakeholders of education, will have to influence the governments and other concerned authorities of poor countries. This will make impacts and bring positive influences on the domain of education as more and more people will be motivated enough to get and attain education to a considerable extent.

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