The Importance Of De-cluttering The House Before Moving

Long-journey moving or nearby moving is burdensome as it requires the same amount of dedication and concentration. It requires a lot of packing, planning and organizing without which one cannot successfully move from one place to another. The process would be even more painful if the house contains many objects and is not organized in the right manner. The professional moving companies Toronto would always love to help in the moving process and they suggest the following method to de-clutter the objects in the house.


Moving helps to find stuff that are long lost in the house and identify belongings that were replaced by new ones. All of such items can be kept aside without packing. One can categorize the items into three – items that can be kept, that can be thrown away and those that can be either sold or donated. Sueland Toronto movers can help in the sorting process as well by sending a person to help in packing and prioritizing things based on the interest of the client.

Selling or donating

After identifying what is important and what is not, start the procedure of selling or donating. Plan a garage sale by inviting the neighbors through pamphlets. Keep some interesting items in online selling websites so that people can bid on them. This will help to de-clutter the house in no time and acquire money for new furniture or hiring a moving company Toronto.


The best procedure observed in moving is to pack based on the items in a particular room. For example, start with the living room and have cardboards or packing items specific for the room. Once packing is completed in the living room, move on to the bedroom. Always write on the boxes about which room they belong to so that no confusion arises during unpacking. Start the process early before hiring or calling a moving company Toronto for a moving date, so that there would be no hassles and stress.

Take help

If there are numerous objects in the house and the family members are unable to do all the work. It is best to have the support of friends or relatives or neighbors. They are always ready to provide a helping hand and the de-cluttering process will be completed in considerably less time. Another advantage of having help from others is that they have a completely objective opinion about the items in the house. So, they will give advice about prioritizing objects based on usefulness rather than sentimentality.

Labeling the boxes

As mentioned above, every room should have specific boxes and items should not be mixed. The boxes should first be labeled based on the room they belong to. Next, pack all the necessities of a room and label the box as “open first”. This helps when the family moves to a new place and is too tired to unpack the first day. All the important objects or items belonging to a particular room would be found in a single box making life easy in the new house on the first day.

The professional moving companies Toronto would also organize the boxes and items based on the labels. This helps them to keep the boxes in specific rooms reducing the stress further for the client.

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