Wednesday 20 January 2021

The Key Benefits Of Animation Video Over Live Action Film For Businesses

The Key Benefits Of Animation Video Over Live Action Film For Businesses

Film is the greatest way to engage your target audience and communicate. Live action is an effective tool, but many businesses are finding that 2D animation is the best format for advertising, explaining, launching, informing and various other messages. Discover the reasons here.

The Key Benefits Of Animation Video Over Live Action Film For Businesses

More and more businesses are now turning to film to get their message across to their target audience. This is a great tool to use for any sized business in any industry, as film is much more engaging and memorable than other forms of media, such as text and images. These films can be uploaded online and shared across various platforms, which make them ideal for advertising, informing, launching, recruiting and explaining.

There are various different forms of film that are being used, but many organisations are discovering that 2D animation is more effective than a live action video. Here are the key benefits of opting for animation and what it can achieve for your business or organisation.

Easily Explain Complex Messages

In recent years there has been an explosion in popularity of “explainer videos”. These are animations which often last just a minute or two that are used to explain the purpose of a product, service or brand. Animation video is the perfect tool for this, as it does not have the same limitations that you get with live action. Through animation, your message is not confined in any way and this enables you to show content which is difficult to visualise. A few examples of this include helping staff understand a new corporate structure, or helping a patient understand their treatment journey.

Engage the Viewer

Film is the most engaging form of media and it enables you to construct a narrative through combining audio and visual elements. Live action can be very engaging, but not as much as animation. People are very impressed by high-quality and entertaining animations, which is evident with the popularity of Disney and Pixar films and the amount of animated adverts now seen on television. If you want to grab the viewer’s attention, you will find that this is the best tool to do this with; this is particularly true when characters are created and bright colours are used for the animation.


Whilst it is true that a 2D animation will take longer to produce than a live action film, it is also much more affordable. This is because you do not have to consider factors such as location, actors, filming equipment and lighting. This makes animation particularly appealing to smaller businesses that are looking to launch or grow their reputation. Whilst it is more affordable, it is important to remember that the duration of the animation and the complexity of it will determine the cost.

These are the key benefits of using animation over live action. Both can be very effective, but most businesses find that animations are a great way to communicate and engage their target audience without spending a fortune.


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