The Lesser Thought of Problems with Substance Abuse

It is often a large social stigma to not discuss drugs. It does not exactly make the best conversation for a dinner party. Yet, drug use is rife through all levels of society. There are the obvious health implications of taking drugs which make them a massive problem. But then are other problems that may not be as obvious. Here are just a couple, one on a much larger scale of the problem with drug taking, the second being personal, but is often not really thought of as one of the personal problems that are associated with drugs like the aforementioned health, damaging relationships or the cost both financially and personally.

The most obvious problem that comes from taking drugs, apart from damage to yourself, is the social cost of doing so. By this, I mean how the money to buy drugs can be helping to support any number of criminal activities such as supporting cartels or even terrorism according to some sources. Of course, the debate of whether legalising certain (or in some radical cases all of them) is the answer can go on forever. The bottom line is though, while it is illegal, if you buy drugs, you cannot know what that money is supporting.

In a slightly more self-centred way, your place of employment will never take too kindly to drug taking. If there is ever a random drugs test at work and you are found positive for any number of things then a lot of companies will have a zero tolerance policy toward substance misuse. Jobs, after such an incident can be challenging to find. For example, if you need to ask for a reference from your most recent employer, of course they cannot mention the incident, but you cannot expect it to be the most glowing reference after an incident like this. And trying to explain why your references aren’t from your most recent employer can be difficult enough to explain most of the time, let alone for a reason like this.

If you are ever worried about things such as drug addiction, then there are ways of getting help. My aim here has not for this article to be preachy and tell you how to live your life. Instead, I just want to bring to your attention, problems associated on both a large and personal scale, which might not be the first problems that come to your mind. All vices have their problems, it is simply worthwhile knowing the full extent to which these problems can extend to, and having all the information of these problems at your disposal.

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