Monday 06 March 2023

The Most Common Web Design Trends Found In Almost Every Startup Today

As the market of internet startups is growing leaps and bounds these days, they have paved a lot of new web design trends. The designers who are familiar with these ideas must have been paying attention to all the recent changes in the design trends. But, it can be a bit difficult to break into a startup scene, and design is not the only thing to create an extraordinary product.

However, I think that a well-designed website can help to lead more conversions of interested clients. So, in this article, I am going to expand on line of ideas related to homepage designs. Consider these techniques and how they might affect a greater user experience in your own website.

The Most Common Web Design Trends Found In Almost Every Startup Today

Stationary Navigation: Many web designers have been fixing the top navigation bars on different niche websites. They are not only for startups, many great companies like this features because it is easy to access and very user-friendly. In order to promote higher percentage of clicks, keep your main links accessible on every page of your website. This way you will get more clicks from people who dig a bit deeper into your website.

In many websites, you might have seen fixed navigation bar which includes search and login feature. With this feature, user can quickly access the login form anywhere on the site. This feature even handles a dropdown menu for sub-links related to each items. So, this kind of web design services can actually help to get more clicks and visitors can easily land on any page they want.

Feature List with Icons: There is nothing new about listing startup’s features. But, there have been a lot of innovative designs that pushed the boundaries on feature lists. Especially, I have seen many examples in which, the use of icons for conveying a quicker message. The main reason is that the user can quickly acknowledge an image without having to read and understand the context. This is the benefit on homepage because icons will separate out more of the complexity so that visitors have a choice to read the features or skip past them.

Remember to keep them very detailed and able to fit right into the top of the page. Because sometimes, visitors are immediately drawn to this small list of features, and it’s helpful user interface to express what the company website design offers.

Live Demo Animations: It is difficult to actually build a live demo, so I am not recommending this to all startups. But, if people are going to purchase your product, they probably wanna know what it does and how to use it. Many app websites use slideshow features within the iphone frame. So, the smartphone app developers should always consider best way of explaining how to use all the interface features. Especially for the paid applications, because users want to know whether the purchase is worth it or not. That’s why a live demonstration of the product is the perfect solution.

Customer Testimonials: It can be tough to add small testimonials and press releases on your webpage if you’re just getting started. But, the designers that update often should know that it’s never too late to add more usable interface.

Now it’s a great service to visitors who are trying to understand what your company does, but not all startups are working directly with the customers. So, it’s a good technique to display various news and articles from the web.

Final Thoughts: This post was not meant to be a extensive list of all top features and I have tried to compile just the useful techniques which I’ve seen more frequently than others. In the world of quickly advancing web technologies, looking into examples and examining what else is out there, you can learn much more about design.