The Most Reliable Vehicles On The Market

You may not love the process of buying a new car, but once you get it off the car shipping carrier, you definitely enjoy it. However, that great feeling starts to fade away pretty quickly. What comes then is something much worse – the subtle dread that you may have not made the right decision.

Sadly, we live in a world where things are getting more and more unreliable. You are expected to buy a new phone every couple of years, even of your old one is still functioning. Unfortunately, though, it rarely is. We have grown accustomed to technology going obsolete. Yet the same cannot be said about cars just yet.

Since they are quite the expensive investment, you want them to last you a long while. Wouldn’t it be better, if they are in operable condition even after you get a new ride? That way they would have a higher resale value and would make great backup vehicles. Well, that dream may be a bit tough to achieve, but it is not impossible. You just have to pick a reliable model! Want to know about some of these? Check them out below!

The Small Car Due

If you want a reliable car to drive around the city without breaking the bank, you are probably in need of a compact one. And it would be great if it does not cost too much, right? Luckily for you, there are two options you can pick from – Toyota Yaris and Chevrolet Sonic.

While these two are definitely on the budget side, they are by no means bad. Sure, they are not meant to be taken for long rides across the country, but I think you are not even considering that, are you?

The American SUV Spirit

While most of the reliability lists out there can spin your head around with plenty of Japanese models, we offer a different take here. If you want an SUV for your family, and you just can’t stand the looks of most Japanese models, don’t worry – we have some options for you.

Both Ford Explorer and Buick Enclave are reliable alternatives. The former has a more conservative and boxy design, which we find great. The latter caters more to people who prefer soft edges, and the more futuristic kind of look. Both are still great as family vehicles and look presentable enough to serve as business rides as well!

The Sedan to Rule Them All

If you don’t want a big car, such as the SUVs from about, but a small one does not cut it for you either, then you are probably looking for something middle of the road – like the trusty sedan. Fortunately, this is one of the categories that has many reliable options for you. None of them are American, but that is beside the point.

We think that you should definitely consider Toyota Camry. The model has been crushing the reliability charts and has also been a staple in the US households for quite a while. Toyota Corolla is another similar option, although it has arguably worse aesthetics. Finally, Kia Rio is also a super budget option if that is something that matters too much.

That is our take on the most reliable models you can buy this year. Hopefully, you now have at least some idea what to get next time you are searching for a car!


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