Wednesday 08 February 2023

The New Literacy: 4 Reasons Why Kids Should Learn How To Code


Computers are already part of the modern world we live today. In fact, technology is nearly everywhere, and it is progressing and improving at lightning speed. It means that kids are going to have to deal with it at a much younger age or sooner than necessary.

The New Literacy: 4 Reasons Why Kids Should Learn How To Code

The founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg wrote that in the next fifteen years, we would be teaching programming just like writing and reading. The significance of programming and coding has elevated and has emerged as an essential part of the educational program.

Coding is not just all about equipping kids to be future engineers. It’s also about building, honing, and improving their skills. If you are still not persuaded, below are the reasons you should let your kids learn how to code.

It Develops Logical Thinking

The New Literacy: 4 Reasons Why Kids Should Learn How To Code

Even though not every job in the future engages with programming, it is still necessary that every kid learns to code. Coding or computer programming develops and enhances your logical thinking to find a solution to a problem.

Logical thinking also educates you to solve large problems by analyzing and simplifying them into more realistic issues. It integrates algorithms and mathematics and teaches you to think about the world in a new perspective.

Even though programming is quite difficult to understand, learning to work with codes means comprehending a problem and testing, exploring, and selecting from the best of various possible answers.

While a kid might not comprehend a complicated algorithm, still they are learning the ways that can aid them to solve the problem. Coding helps them expand and develop their problem-solving skills, giving them an advantage of an early start.

It Harnesses Creativity

The New Literacy: 4 Reasons Why Kids Should Learn How To Code

All parents only want the best for their children, and when it comes to finding a creative pastime for their kids, coding is one of the best choices. When the kids are coding, their creativity unleashes as they find out unique solutions to accomplish a goal.

The children develop and utilize their creativity through various experimentation. Coding strengthens the brains of the kids when they code, letting them grasp and develop their creativity.

Nowadays, children are aiming their attention more on technology. Learning how to code or program allows them to create their virtual applications and games. It is an excellent way of expressing their personality and interests.

Coding for Kids can be very enticing and engaging, and all the failures and success can sometimes generate funny and silly results that most children adore. However, the outcomes are what catches their attention.

It Enhances Communication

Computer programming is the new language of the current century that allows children to interact and communicate with the world. It teaches children logical communication while strengthening and boosting both written and verbal skills.

Learning how to code is like learning a different language. When studying a new language, the objective is not just to learn additional words and phrases. There is always some real-life application, right?

Similarly, coding should be the same. You should have an optimum goal. Having a goal will help you stimulate and encourage to keep learning even when it gets difficult. It will be your compass as you sail in the realm of programming.

Similar to numerous spoken languages, there are plenty of programming languages that you can wish to learn. Pick one and learn it to a proper level of mastery. When learning a new language, proficiency is the primary goal that people strive to accomplish.

It Leverages Digital Skills

Acquiring computer skills is essential and a requirement. Despite the possibility that your kids are not learning how to create an application, they still need to know the basics to keep up with the demands of time.

Coding helps a child to fully understand the rapid change of technology that influences them every day. Knowing the basics of programming can help develop the skills of the kids and play a part in the innovation.

But most of all, nearly any kid can learn how coding works, as young as four already knows how to utilize a smartphone or a tablet, even some advanced commands too. These foundations can proceed into any careers, such as robotics, computer technology, or engineering.

The children will not just learn how these simple commands work, but they are developing skills that will allow them to acquire a good job in the future. Just remember, programming is not hard to learn.


Various mediums and platforms make coding fun and easy for children to understand. And there are innumerable benefits of teaching children to code. Aside from enhancing and boosting your kid’s future job, kids who learn how to code at an early age will also develop their logical thinking, creativity, communication, and digital skills.