Wednesday 12 May 2021

The Pros And Cons Of Not Going To College

The Pros And Cons Of Not Going To College

After graduating from high school, the majority of students ask themselves whether they really have to go to college. Will it be an amazing experience and opportunity to be paid more in the future or will it be a waste of time? In fact, going to college has both pros and cons, and it is up to the student to decide what the main priority for him/her is. We have prepared an article that is going to consider the pros and cons of not going to college, and after reading it, you will decide yourself. Are you interested? Then keep on reading!


1. Cost and Debt

You need quite a lot of money to pay for the college. Even if you do not choose the most expensive one, you will have to get money somewhere. You are lucky if you started saving right from the elementary school, however, if not, you are in trouble – you will have to loan. When are you going to be able to pay the money back? If you find the job immediately after you graduate from college, you will pay the loan from your salary – the option is still not the best because you will not enjoy your salary fully for months. However, what if you decide to take a gap year to travel and live for a while? The loan will only grow. The cost of the higher education institution is a big problem if you decide on whether to attend it or not.

2. College Does Not Guarantee to Make You Smarter

Many students state that the college years were fun, however, in terms of education, the higher education institution did not make them any smarter. And it is true because the higher education institution is directed towards the self-education, that is why no one makes you study anything as at school. If you are not eager to read and write a lot yourself, it is up to you. The program in the higher education institutions is usually pretty broad and does not give any particular knowledge to the students. The statistics also show that students do not develop their critical thinking and writing skills. It would be okay to accept it if the price was not so high and if the years spent were not so valuable.

The Pros And Cons Of Not Going To College

3. The Higher Education Institution Does Not Prepare the Students for the Job Market

We live in the contemporary world where the jobs develop really fast, and the new ones appear. However, the college specializations are far from what is required in the job market. Is there a faculty of PHP developer? Of course, not, however, this job is super popular now, and it is well-paid. While the student is going to study the theory that was applicable 30 years ago in the faculty of Engineering, the world develops further and further. That is why basically what happens is the student comes to the adult world and cannot find the job because s/he is absolutely not prepared for it. And believe us, writing essays does not prepare you for the outer world either – visit the dissertation proposal service in UK and stop wasting your time.


1. Financial and Career Benefits

The statistics show that students who have minimum bachelor degree earn up to 56% more than those who received only a high school diploma. When you attend the interview, the employer is interested in your education, and no matter how qualified you are for the job, s/he simply will not take you if you only graduated from high school. Or, s/he will offer you the lowest salary, and you cannot blame him/her because the degree plays a crucial role in the majority of job offers. Seeing in your CV that you have a Masters or even Ph.D. level, the employer will be ready to cooperate with you even more eagerly.

2. Have Fun and Make Friends

It is no surprise the college years are considered the best ones in the life of every person. The college age is the one when a person is open to having fun and making new friends. It is the age when the person is free from all the troubles of the adult life and is playful just like a kid. One might think that working as early as possible is a fair statement, but when is the person supposed to live then? There has to be a period of relaxation and preparation for the adult life when the person can afford not to reflect about the troubles of tomorrow. The friends’ people make during their college years usually stay for the rest of the life.

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