Monday 20 September 2021

The Secrets Of Great Packaging

The Secrets Of Great Packaging

Have you ever noticed that the best businesses really know how to package their products? They stand out on the shelf and they catch your eye. They are simple, but practical. Most importantly, they strengthen the brand name and image. You could pick out a ketchup bottle blindfolded, right? You could spot a Kellogg’s Corn Flakes box a mile away. They have brand recognition and they’re practical.

Today we’re going to share some secrets from the packaging experts. We’ll help you create the perfect packaging for your product, even on a low budget. Whether you’re a major distributor or making bespoke items in your bedroom, these tips apply. They’ll work if you’re shipping abroad or on a small, local scale. Intrigued? Let’s shed some light on these essential secrets.

Simplicity – You don’t get long to make an impression with packaging. Simplicity is the best route. Your product has to look simple and display all the key data. You don’t need anything more than a great logo or brand name that stands out. After that, it’s all about balancing colour and image placement. Eliminate any unnecessary data and stick to the essential information. Keep the colour palette simple and intuitive.

The Secrets Of Great Packaging

Enforce your brand – A huge part of sales success is brand recognition. As a species, humans are drawn to familiarity and routine. As a general rule, they know what they like and they stick to it. People trust certain brands, so you’ve got to build your brand recognition. Keep your branding consistent through every channel. Your advertising and packaging must all use similar colours and concentrate your brand.

Honesty – Nothing will turn customers off more than dishonest packaging. Never use images or descriptions that don’t accurately depict your product. Aside from the fact that it’s illegal, it’s damaging to your brand. The key to a great product is to exceed expectations. Don’t even exaggerate your product on the packaging. If the truth alone is not enough to sell it, then the problem is the product itself, not the packaging.

Shelf appeal – For all our talk of simplicity and truthfulness, you also need to stand out. This is the single hardest task, especially for a new product to the market. The best packaging jumps out from the shelf and catches the customer’s eye. It needs to be powerful from a distance and work while stacked against other products. You’ll have to do lots of tests here. However, our pro tip is that simplicity usually has the strongest impact.

Practicality. – Of course, this post wouldn’t be complete without the bare bones of packaging: practicality. Packaging is designed to protect the product inside. This is still your single biggest concern. Our suggestion is to work with cardboard cores manufacturers to test and build a solid package. Test it in travel conditions and ensure it holds up. Again, simple works best here. Customers and shops want packaging that stacks!

Now that you know the secrets behind great packaging, go forth and pack! Create something simple, but eye catching. Make it practical but unique. Use your creativity and logic to get this right. Good luck!