The TESOL Certification – Gain More Marketability For Your English Teaching Career

The universities of many countries including the US are always looking for professional TESOL teachers. This task-based program offers great opportunities to English teachers. It helps them specialize in all the teaching techniques required for an interactive learning environment, and in lessons planning. Read on to know why you must add this certification to your resume.

Consider the Latest Statistics

As the demand of this program is high, it provides you the chance to travel to new countries and teach the non -English speakers. The recent statistics show that 250,000 teachers are teaching in more than 40,000 educational institutes and the schools. These universities post around 20,000 highly reputed jobs everyday online. You could explore their websites for great job opportunities. More than one billion English teachers have enrolled in TESOL by now. The statistics is all poised to double within 15 years.

How useful is this Certification Program?

Most of the online TESOL certificate programs have received accreditation from famous bodies like the TSL, CELTA etc. The accreditation will ensure that your certification has a good standing in the global market. The employers will surely prefer you over other candidates.

The demand of this TESOL certification program has increased in various sectors like-

Is it Worth Learning this Certification Program?

People who are awarded with the certification get really well paid even in the private tutoring sectors. Many students look for private tuitions, where they can receive 100% attention from the tutors and learn well. To work as a private tutor, you need to get this certification and sign up with private tutoring websites.

There are many websites that have joined hands with private tutors. Students simply login to these websites and search best teachers that meet specific requirements, and are available in their area.

Teachers are hired in the private and international schools through group discussions and the personal interviews. The interviewers will hire you if you stand out of the crowd. Besides achieving the certification, you must also work towards developing your confidence.

Like the TESOL, you could learn other programs like TFL or teaching a foreign language. TESL or teaching English as a second language is equally important. TEFL or the teaching English as a foreign language is in great demand these days. Other useful certification programs are ESP, EYL, ESL, ELT, CELTA, and EAQUALS and so on.

This program lasts for a semester or even more. Here, the trainers will teach the advanced teaching techniques to the teachers. Some students (Teachers) might need a little more time to understand and learn the advanced skills. These skills help to make you more marketable.

The course syllabus includes grammar fundamentals, linguistics, cross cultural communications, teaching pronunciation, materials for teaching the language, and other course design practicum. While designing this certification, experts ensure that they meet all the specific requirements of TESOL teachers.

Then, the teachers can teach in secondary schools, elementary schools, or even colleges. Besides the theoretical classes and advanced skills, the course also includes training on practical classroom skills. Effective classroom management technique is also a part of the curriculum for getting certified.

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