The Top 5 Messenger Apps On Android


Gone are the days when we actually used to use text messages to communicate with each other. These days, the text message folder is usually filled up with the useless messages from telecom providers or ecommerce websites selling their products at discount. With a rapidly changing scenario where most of the people have switched to a smartphone, multimedia messaging apps have taken over the basic text messaging. However, we have not stopped even at that, which is why many applications have found their way into Google play, promising unique functionalities and trying to earn their own following. Here we are sharing the best messenger apps on the android right now, which you should definitely try. Of course, all these apps will need a data connection, but with so many recharge offers available, should that be a source of worry?

1) WhatsApp

WhatsApp has been a dominator in the scenario ever since it was launched on Google play and why not? It is simply the finest when you combine simplicity, reliability and functionality. The popularity is so high that most of the people who are using a smartphone, will definitely have it installed on their phones. With time, the app has incorporated many features, such as attachment of media, docs and emoji. Today, you can even make calls to your friends on WhatsApp.

2) WeChat

With a feature through which you can connect with potential contacts near to you, makes WeChat stand different from the usual messenger apps. By merely shaking your phone, you can find all the people using WeChat near you and connect with them. In addition to all that, you can also send text messages, media and stickers to your friends present in your phone book.

3) Facebook Messenger

Since it is a separate app, you do not need to open your Facebook account to chat with your Facebook buddies. Due to the highest popularity level of Facebook and so much vigorous usage by people all across the world, it is highly unlikely that any of your friend or loved one is not present on Facebook. Through this messenger, you can connect to all of them; send photos, emoji, video recordings and locations etc.

4) Skype

Undoubtedly, Skype reigns when we talk about video calling. It has been around since forever and we have used it in our desktops all the years before the smartphones took the world with a storm. Even though the popularity has been generated through video calling, it is as efficient as an instant messenger as well. The app now offers group chats, emoji and media sharing as well. Please note that video calling may incur heavy data usage. Use recharge offers to get internet packs at discounted prices. You can get the best deals and offers at Couponhaat.

5) Telegram

It is an emerging and promising app that offers encrypted cross-platform messaging and that too for free. It might be the future of messaging, but provides a pleasant messaging experience even now. It is fast and definitely one of the securest. Therefore, if you like simplicity, you should definitely give it a try.

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