Sunday 03 December 2023

The Top 5 Most Popular Garage Doors

When contemplating updating your garage door and investing in a brand new one there are a number of options available. Your property type, size of garage and budget allowance all have to be taken in to consideration before purchasing anything. It can all get quite confusing as although they all inevitably do the same thing there are various styles of garage door with variable functions and additional features depending on your needs. Every door is generally made to fit most standard garages but deciding on the one you want first of all can be the tricky part.

The Top 5 Most Popular Garage Doors

If you are considering a new garage door installation in the future our helpful list will provide some guidance before making that all important decision.

Canopy Up and Over:

The Up n’ Over canopy garage door is probably the most common one used by a majority of people. This is the door that you can see protruding out from the front of people’s homes that resembles a canopy. This type of door works by way of steel cables attached to a large torsion spring to lift the door itself up and over the entrance to your garage allowing your vehicle to drive in with ease. These doors only work well up to a maximum of 8ft as any larger they become too heavy for the mechanism to lift. An up and over canopy door can be remote controlled but you would require extra equipment (e.g. motors) plus the extra cash to pay for it.

Retractable Up and Over:

This particular door is increasing in popularity due to its ease of use and versatility. It is operated by way of two side mounted lifting mechanisms attached to tension springs. There are no cables used at all when installing this door. Another very positive feature with this variety of door is it can be easily converted to remote functions without too much difficulty. It also works well for both small garages and larger ones making it adaptable and durable for most purposes.

Roller Shutter:

This type of garage door is the ideal option for people who are looking to buy a new garage door on a budget. It works in a similar way to a household window blind, using the same mechanisms only on a much stronger, larger scale. The roller shutter usually comprises of aluminum or steel slats which have been insulated with foam for added weather proofing and durability. If like many people you prefer to coordinate your garage door with the rest of your property’s décor then you can get roller shutter doors in a variety of colours and finishes. This style of door only fit standard garages.

Sliders (hinged):

One of the most practical and well established variety of garage doors. This style of door has grown in popularity due to its ease of use and versatility. The door itself can be made from numerous materials to suit your requirements; PVC, timber, UPVC, glass reinforced polyester and insulated steel panelling. It can be installed to either open horizontally or vertically and can fit most garage sizes comfortably. Another great feature is most companies will offer to add a pedestrian door to one of the panels to save any hassle when entering via the garage without a vehicle.

Sectional (remote controlled):

One of the most popular doors for people with a larger budget to spend on their garage. It offers greater security and a better quality of insulation. The door is split in to 4 panels which fold back on themselves following a track mechanism thus providing smoother operation and no swing out. This type of door can fit any size of garage but works particularly well for larger ones.

We hope our list has been helpful and best of luck with your new garage door installation in the future.