The Wonderful Samsung Galaxy S7-What Would Be Special About It?

You might be thinking that why every where there is discussion about Galaxy S7 and what’s so special it. Let’s us tell you why that it is upcoming model of Samsung Galaxy S range which has always strived to bring novel and astonishing experience for its users. Secondly, this time a lot of enhancements are on cards in the upcoming model, so people are really expecting to be a wonderful handset. So here we go…

Exploring the amazing Galaxy S7:

Expected Time of Launch

People are eagerly waiting for their favourite handset to come in the market. Let us tell you that their wait would not be very long. You might be wondering how if Samsung introduce the new models in March before Barcelona tech fast. The secret news from some reliable source indicatesprelaunch of the latest models by two or three. No wonder if you would be able to buy your fantastic handset in the end of 2016.


People are actually discussing a lot about it. But it is very difficult to determine the cost, before its launch as such information is very rarely leaked before. But the chances are that it would be somewhat close to 649 pound, in case it doesn’t have curved technology.

Design and Build

Samsung Galaxy range is always recognized by stunning designing by combining metal and glass. The same is also probable in the new model. It seems to be a gorgeous phone on which you would like to spend more than 600 pound.

Several enhancements in Galaxy S7 are expected such as waterproof frame, enhanced microSd card slot and battery.

This time the latest model may also have curved technology, and also reversible USB Type C.

Storage, Memory and Processor

People are speculating that if Samsung would use its own processor this time in the Samsung Galaxy S7. But according to the head of Samsung; in its upcoming model they would use the existing Qualcomm Snapdragon 820.

The internetrumours are showing towards the use of huge 6GB RAM, but we speculate the use of 4GB RAM. Storage is more likely to be 32GB.


Most probably the screen size would be 5.1in and would have the existing AMOLED technology.

Some Extra Specifications

The endeavour of Samsung has alwaysbeento bring the most modern technology and enhanced experience to its users. It is probably going to surprise its users by adding fingerprint scanner. Cameras

People are discussing that Galaxy S7 is likely to have huge 30Mp camera, but let’s wait to say anything in this respect. However, better optical image stabilization is expected in it. It is likely to stick to its existing 16 MP sensor.


It would be certainly preloaded with the excellent Android M and along with TouchWiz.

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