Wednesday 12 May 2021

Thermometers for Every Reason, Every Season


A thermometer serves a very simple, yet indispensable function. When someone falls ill, it accurately records his or her body temperature to tell you how far the fever has set in. To keep track of fluctuations in temperature and subsequently take well-informed decisions, you must own a high-quality thermometer you can rely on. This will ensure that the temperature measurement is credible and can be trusted.

Fortunately, online portals such as Smart Medical Buyer has made access to a wide variety of high-quality thermometers – from a digital stick to Infrared Clinical Thermometer – extremely convenient and handy! To ensure that you buy a device that is steady and suitable, here is a list of 4 thermometers that are most popular among users today:

  • Digital Thermometer – Enbee Flexible

One of the simplest yet most recommended options among digital thermometers, the Enbee Flexible Digital Thermometer is an easy to use device that comes with a clean, legible LCD display. It makes a loud beep sound to alert that the reading is complete, saving you the trouble of checking your watch every other second. The auto-shut off feature coupled with fast response make it a highly popular pick.

  • Forehead Mode – Omron MC-720

If you’re looking to buy digital thermometer online for a child or an infant, this should be your go-to pick. The Omron MC-720 is a highly reliable thermometer that comes with a special forehead mode, meant for measuring temperature in a gentle, non-intrusive manner. It allows forehead temperature to be measured touch free, within just a second, making it ideal for easily irritable infants. You can use either of the two modes – buzzer beep or silent – to avoid the risk of annoying your child. The thermometer comes with the additional feature of last reading display, with an impressive storage capacity up to 25 readings.

  • Dual Mode – BPL Accu digit Infrared

Making the best of both forehead and ear infrared technology, the BPL Accu digit Infrared Digital Thermometer in dual mode is an ideal match for all ages. The detection is through non-contact and super rapid with readings are acquired within just 0.5 seconds of use, along with a shut down feature that automatically shuts the device after 10 seconds of inactiveness. The thermometer can store up to 20 sets of temperature readings and also boasts of a fever alarm function for temperature test. It features a bi-colour backlit LCD screen to ensure that the measurement is clearly legible. You can buy the ultra-efficient thermometer here.

  • Rectal Thermometer – Omron MC-246

The Omron MC-246 is a digital thermometer in pencil design, meant for temperature measurement through rectal use. The device is quick to measure temperature, taking a maximum of 60 seconds. It comes with a last reading recall feature along with a buzzer that beeps when the measurement is finished, making it very simple to use. What makes the device special is its high-water resistance property to ensure that it can be easily cleaned.

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