Thursday 30 November 2023

Things First Time Travellers Should Know

There are many firsts in our lives, first house, first car, first kiss and first travel to other country. There’s no shame in feeling a kind of anxiety. This may be our first time, but there are actually millions first time travellers who go outside their country for the first time. No matter of how seasoned we are, we should be properly prepared and good preparation could make us feel at ease.

Things First Time Travellers Should Know

Here are things that we should consider:

  • Purchasing tickets: For new travellers, they may need professionals to assist them with their flights. The name in our ticket should be similar with the one on our passport to avoid complexity in the destination country. If necessary, we could request new name, especially if we are recently married.
  • Carry-on packing rules and security: There are many things to consider when we want to go to other countries. There should be enough information on what we could carry during a trip to other countries. We will be required to go through the security checking and our passport will be checked to make sure that it is real. In some cases, we are required to take off our coat, belt and even shoes to make sure that we don’t carry anything illegal. We should comply when the security personnel performs a full body screening. However, this procedure is usually performed randomly, so we shouldn’t be offended if we seem to be the only one who is required to undergo this procedure.
  • Packing: It is recommended to keep valuables close to us at all times, these may include medications, jewellery, money and cameras. In some cases, our medication could become a matter of life and death, so we should make sure that we bring our prescription as proof and we could use it to purchase new supply of medicine at the destination country. In general, we can never be too safe and it is necessary to avoid bringing any jewellery with us when travelling to other countries. There are also specific dress codes that we should consider ins specific countries.
  • Custom and immigration: The officials will require us to fill out a form on our flight to our final destination. The flight attendants would provide an announcement and some pointers will be provided, so we will be able to fill the form easily. It usually required basic information, such as name, flight numbers, passport numbers, reasons for travel, where we will stay and when we will return to our country.
  • Airport: Once we touch down to the destination airport, we should be just a few steps away from our vacation. We will be required to pass the immigration line and we will need to show our passport and the form that we have filled out. Once the immigration official has stamped our passport, we could go directly to the luggage area to get our belongings and pass the Customs section. The whole process should be quite straightforward if we follow all the rules.