Thinking About Adding An Orangery To Your Home?

Originally a big status symbol for the English aristocracy throughout the 16th and 17th centuries, orangeries allowed the rich and privileged to grow oranges, lemons, limes, and warm weather plants without having to worry about cold and dreary English winters.

Today, more and more homeowners are adding an orangery to their homes not to have access to citrus fruit all year round (that’s possible by popping into any local shop these days), but instead to enjoy a lot more light, a lot more comfort, and a sensation of true luxury in their own orangery.

If you’ve been thinking about working with some of the best orangeries Yorkshire contractors around, it’s important to understand the benefits and advantage is that this addition to your home is going to bring to the table.

Let’s dive right in!

Add a lot more light into your home with the right orangery

Though traditionally conservatories have been the “go to” choice for those looking to bring extra light into their home, the right orangeries Yorkshire has to offer have much thicker foundations and allow them to the used in the dead of the English winter without any trouble whatsoever.

The amount of light that gets brought into these additions will be significant, but the amount of heat that that light generates – and the amount that remains – is also going to be significant. This allows homeowners to add orangeries in Yorkshire to their home without having to increase their energy expenditure by all that much.

Talk about a win-win situation.

Improve your home’s value (dramatically so) with an orangery

On top of that, the best orangeries Yorkshire calls their own add a significant amount of extra value to homeowners one comes time to sell their property and move on to something else.

Though they are certainly not inexpensive to have constructed (though usually are much cheaper than most any other addition or renovation in the home), they add a significant amount of value to any property. This value will be immediately realized in the general improvements of overall living quality on a day to day basis – it’s impossible to beat having the chance to spend time in short pants (the middle of an English winter) out in your very own orangery – but you’ll also realize a tremendous amount of value when it comes time to sell your property as well.

These are the kinds of additions that will ALWAYS be popular. Speak with a contractor today to see if they’ll be able to assist you in the construction of one.

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