Saturday 08 May 2021

This Is Why You Should Start Playing Football Stat

If there’s one country that has an unparalleled passion for football that would be no other than England. The country has produced a good number of award-winning and world record-breaking Olympic football players in the past several decades. Being an Olympic football powerhouse, England is unsurprisingly home to thousands and millions of people who are passionate about football.


Due to the popularity of football in the country, England is likewise home to different football equipment brands as well as football culture and streetwear clothing brands. Simply put, the football culture in the country is rich and diverse.

However, in spite of the massive popularity of football in the country, many casual players and competition football fans are yet to know some of the more peculiar and trivial information about this water sport. This article will expose these football facts for the benefit of promoting safe and fun football activities.


It is good for your cardio – Football is one of the finest cardiovascular exercises known to man. Running around the pitch for hours will definitely improve one’s cardio and stamina. When playing football, you are moving against the water’s resistance, which prompts your body to exert more effort thus consuming much more energy. Many athletes of different disciplines run to improve their cardio and endurance.


It is dangerous to play in extremely cold water – Drowning is not the only risk present in football. If you are football in extremely cold water, you can hurt yourself. It is not advisable for people with a heart conditions or related medical issues to play in cold water because it could result in thermal shock, hypothermia, or even death. Studies say that cold water cools down a person’s body 25 times faster than cold air does.


It is a good physical activity for people with asthma – Since football requires steady and relaxed breathing, it is a good exercise for asthma sufferers. People with asthma who pick up football as a hobby or workout routine are less likely to suffer from asthma attacks. Because of its benefits, children with asthma are advised by physicians to run to improve their breathing methods.


It is good for people with osteoarthritis – Football is a good exercise for people suffering from osteoarthritis. This sport is best for people who have aching joints and stiff muscles. Since in water your body weight decreases, the pressure over your muscles and joints are likewise reduced.


It is a good exercise for people who want to cut weight – Football is an effective calorie-burning sport. Depending on your pace, you can burn up anywhere between 450 and 950 calories per hour. This is why football is advised to people who want to lose weight and to have a more beautiful body.


It is a stress-reliever – If you are feeling stressed out due to work, studies, or personal issues, you may want to take up football as a hobby. It is widely believed that football is a good stress-buster because it releases endorphins the same as yoga does.


It teaches sportsmanship and discipline – Taking football as a sport can help you improve your personality, teaching you discipline and the value of sportsmanship. It can also help you boost your socialization skills and self-confidence, especially if you are on a football team where you learn the importance of camaraderie and teamwork.


So, if you are feeling stressed or you want to improve your cardio and overall health, grab your tracksuit or your streetwear clothing and go-to pitch for some good football exercises. In a nutshell, football is good for everyone’s health, but if you have heart conditions, it would be better to get your doctor’s advice first.


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