Tips For Backpacking In Europe

A backpacking trip around Europe is an amazing finale for a recent college graduate. After four years of hard work and a diploma to show for it, a trip to Europe is a great way to round out an education. This will be a trip full of adventure and memories that will last a lifetime. Take these recommendations from the travel experts and you’ll soon be on your way!

If you have a travel companion, agree upon travel dates as early as possible to secure the most competitive pricing on overseas flights.  You’ll need to know your itinerary in order to book your flight. Your itinerary will dictate which major capital you’ll select for your arriving flight. Depending on the length of your journey, it’s recommended to spend at least three nights in each city in order to get the true flavor and see the highlights the city has to offer. Try to limit your itinerary to northern, southern, western or eastern Europe. It’s been there for centuries – so you can always return to explore. While domestic airfares in Europe are especially cheap, keep in mind the transportation costs to get to the city center an added expense. Trains typically arrive at the main train station which is normally in the center of town.  Consider booking a Euro rail pass with flexibility for travel during your stay.

Once your schedule has been determined, begin to book your accommodations. The options are plentiful when booking early.  Europe is full of tourists in the summer months. Opt for youth hostels in the city center or private apartment rentals. Confirm directly with the owners in advance of booking the currency requirements. Some owner will prefer Euros, others will prefer US dollars.

Finally, check with your cell phone carrier about International calling plans. Check out the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and select from one of the many options available at Verizon. Check with your bank about securing a credit card that does not impose fees for foreign transaction. Pack your backpack and you’re ready for an adventure of a life time!

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