Tips For Proper Installation And Maintenance Of The Solar Electric System

A solar electric system is the best way to conserve energy. To ensure that the solar system generates maximum energy, it is important that it is properly installed and maintained.

Factors to consider before installing a solar or photovaltic system

Factors to consider before hiring a solar contractor

A solar system installation involves a number of technical factors. Hence it is advisable to hire a professional contractor for installing the system. In this regard, the following aspects may be considered:

Consideration of the above factors can help in choosing the right contractor for solar electric system installation.

Maintenance of the solar electric system

After the successful installation of the solar electric system, it is important to ensure that it is routinely inspected to check for any repairs which may be required. In case the system malfunctions, repair works may be necessary.

Sizing the solar electric system

Accurate sizing of the electric solar system is necessary to ensure that it produces the required amount of energy. This is particularly essential for standalone systems as they lack an electricity grid connection.

For lesser electricity loads, a small solar electric system may be sufficient and for higher loads, a larger solar system may be required. In terms of energy efficiency Semper Fi Solar is one of the best solar electric system providers in California. Apart from the electricity usage, the capacity of the solar system may also depend on the following factors:


It is important to make sure that the solar system is geographically oriented so that it receives the maximum solar energy which is converted to electrical energy. For roof mounting of the systems, the following aspects may be considered:

  1. Roof orientation

This refers to the landscape features that provide shade to the system. It is essential to consider that the system remains away from shade for a part of the day to collect solar energy.

  1. Tilt

The systems may be installed in a flat position or according to the tilt of the roof.

A solar electric system if installed and maintained properly can effectively convert solar energy to electrical energy. Hence it is important to consider certain factors for installation and maintenance.

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