Wednesday 01 February 2023

Tips That Will Help You Ace The ACT Writing Test

The Test

There are several standardized tests that students may take in order to get enrolled in colleges. The American College Testing exams are one of the standardized tests that students take. The ACT English Test is one of the ACT tests that colleges require students to take.

An optional part of the ACT English test is the ACT Writing Test, which is a 30 minute long exam. The test consists of one essay question. Usually, the question asks students to write an essay upon a social matter that is related to high school students.

Whether or not you should take the test depends on which college or colleges you are applying to. Not all colleges require students to take the writing test. Then again, it is better to keep your options open by taking the test, if you can. Know that you can drop the test up to a few days before the date when it is scheduled. In that case, the registration fee for the test is refunded.

Tips That Will Help You Ace The ACT Writing Test

Reading the instructions

As with any other exam that you take, it is of utmost importance to read the instructions carefully before you start. Read any instructions given to you before the exam, the instructions on the exam sheet, and the question carefully.

Format – the look of your response

Make sure to be neat and follow the format required. This includes using the right pencil to write (ACT asks students to use a number 2 pencil, but make sure to read the instructions in case they have mentioned otherwise). Do not use a mechanical pencil and make sure to write in the margins. Make sure that your writing is neat and legible.

Writing tips

The best approach is to first plan your essay and then write the fair draft. Divide your 30 minutes so that you set aside time for reading the question and planning your response, writing the essay and revising it.

The question asks students to take a perspective on an issue and write an essay based upon it. The first thing to do when planning your essay is to decide your point of view and jot down the points in favor of your stance. Then, write down the points that are against your stance on the matter. Think of counterarguments to those opinions. Organize your points in a logical manner and then write the final draft of your essay.

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