Friday 21 June 2024

Tips To Deal With Your Invisible Enemy – The EMF

We are living in an era when a gadget-dependent lifestyle has become the norm. Against this backdrop, electromagnetic radiation (EMR) has emerged as a serious concern. The gadgets that we use in our everyday life or come in close contact with, such as home appliances, overhead power lines, cell phones and cell phone towers,  Wi-Fi,  Smart Meters and other Radio-Frequency (RF) devices, expose us to these invisible, but highly toxic radiations. There are studies that show that prolonged exposure to this type of radiation can result in long-term health implications. So, is there any technology that can give protection against this harmful energy waves? Electromagnetic interference shielding (EMI) is an innovative field of technology that holds immense promise. But, it’s a realm that is still evolving, and also as we all know that no technology is fool-proof, it’s important to learn about some self-help measures so that you can minimize your body’s exposure to these toxic waves.

Know Your Risks

It is important to note that the levels of health risks due to EMF depend on the distance, strength and length of exposure to the source of radiation. With little effort  you can bring some positive changes in the home environment and subsequently avoid some of the risks associated with the EMF. It is when you are too close to the source of radiation that you experience the EMF-related health issues the most. Studies have shown that when very strong EMFs enter our body, they tend to affect the normal functioning of our vital organs, subsequently impacting the systems within the body. Consequences may range from sleeping disorder, increased stress level, weakened immune system to degenerating DNA.

EMF-Proofing – Start at the Bedroom

Your bedroom is your sleeping sanctuary and it is crucial to keep EMF out of it as much as possible.  To begin with, get rid of the last scrap of metal from your bed. So say goodbye to these two items – metal bed and spring mattress. Install a piece that is made entirely of wood including its foundation, headboard and footboard. For that matter, replace spring mattress with a foam one. Air mattresses are also fine. No metal in your bed means there will be no antenna to receive EMF, saving your body from absorbing EMF pollution while sleeping.   Make it a habit to unplug every electrical appliance in your bedroom every day before you hit the bed.

Cell Phone Use Precautions

We know, in today’s world it’s not possible to live without a cell phone, but you can at least minimize its usage. Use your landline phone set whenever possible (we mean the fixed one, not the cordless). When using your cell phone, keep it on the speaker mode whenever possible. If you are using a conventional cordless phone, keep the base station at a considerable distance from where everyone sleeps. And please, no cell phone on the bed at night.

Use the Right Computers

Just like cell phones, modern living is impossible without a computer. From being the repository of your favorite movies and songs to important financial data, your home-computer is a trusted aide that makes your life more convenient. If you are still using those old types of monitors – the ones with a protruded back – get rid of it at once and bring home a flat screen version. They emit far less EMF than their older siblings.

In today’s world, we are exposed to a hundred million times more EMF radiation than our grandparents were, thanks to the wide range of device we use and the infrastructure that power them. With EMF being the top concern of the governments around the globe, companies are adhering to strict electromagnetic interference shielding regulations, while designing their products. The idea is to ensure  that their users are subjected to less EMF exposure. On your part, you must take some core steps to keep this toxic radiation at a minimal point in your home. Our tips will come handy while doing so.