Thursday 09 February 2023

Tips To Prepare CAT Quantitative Aptitude Section Effectively

One of the sections in the CAT exam is the quantitative aptitude section. This section includes 34 questions including both MCQs and TITA. The syllabus for quantitative aptitude is not exactly predefined but, includes topics from basic maths syllabus of class 8- 10.

Tips To Prepare CAT Quantitative Aptitude Section Effectively

Many of the non-engineers are not much acquainted with maths and feel that quantitative section is the toughest section of the CAT. Here, some important tips are given to help the CAT aspirants prepare for the CAT quantitative aptitude section in a more effective way.

  • Know the Syllabus and Strategize: It is important to check the syllabus topics and then strategize a proper preparation plan accordingly. One can even take an initial mock test and analyze the weak and strong topics and make a schedule. It is suggested to cover all the important topics in the quantitative syllabus.
  • Start Early: The quantitative syllabus is vast and requires candidates to dedicate enough time to practice. Start revisiting the middle school maths topics and give enough time to practice. So, it is suggested to start preparation early to be able to cover all the topics efficiently. An ideal time to start preparing would be at least 8-10 months before the exam.
  • Practice: Numerical topics need to be practiced thoroughly. Also, solving different variations of questions is important to get acquainted with the different questions types and be able to tackle any question in the exam. It is also advised to solve several sample papers and previous year CAT questions papers to understand the exam better.
  • Take Mock Tests: It is important to take mock tests periodically to analyze the preparation level. Mock tests also help to acquaint the individuals with the actual test scenario with respect to the exam pattern and timing. Also, after taking mock tests, it is extremely important to analyze it and prepare accordingly. After CAT registration, it is advised to give 2-3 mock test weekly and analyze them thoroughly.
  • Learn Shortcuts: The CAT is a time-based exam and the candidates are required to finish 100 questions in 3 hours. Though an onscreen calculator is provided, it is suggested to avoid using it, unless necessary. Quantitative questions can be solved a lot quickly and faster if shortcuts are used. So, it is important to learn some shortcut maths tricks to solve quantitative questions more effectively.
  • Have Personalized Test-taking Strategies: In the paper, not all questions are easy and solvable. It is important to analyze the paper and attempt the easy questions first. Also, as the exam has a system of negative marking, candidates are suggested to avoid guessing in the paper.

These were some of the important tips that can help the CAT aspirants to prepare more effectively for the quantitative section and ace this section easily in the exam. Candidates who are self-preparing need to gather proper study materials and practice. Candidates who prefer CAT coaching should choose wisely and should also focus on self-studying properly.

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