Wednesday 08 September 2021

Tips To Write Blog Titles That Gets Maximum Clicks

For any content writer, generating interesting and catchy titles for their post is very important. But we do not spent much of our time in writing the blog titles. Being associated with professional content writing services , I create number of blog posts on daily basis through a long though process but for the titles- yes, I give a little time to ponder on it less than what I should but not until I realize the importance of clickable blog titles.

Tips To Write Blog Titles That Gets Maximum Clicks

Here are few strategies which you can find useful to create clickable blog titles.

Do not worry about the title before you start writing your post: Best strategy to decide on titles is the time when you are done with writing. Once you have a grip on the topic you are writing and explore all the possible directions where you can lead your writing, you will be more in command to write the best and catchiest title for your blog post.

Know the title type you find most useful for your blog: Blog titles are of different types. They can be based on questions like “what are the benefits of windows 10 for Drupal developers? Or the traditional How to’s like “How Drupal Developers can benefits from Windows 10? Newsy titles are also very popular along with the ones providing tips and ways to get things.  But my personal favorite is the listing title like Top 10 benefits of Windows 10 for Drupal Developers. Choose a title which can works better for your post to stand out among the countless other posts.

Keep them short: A long title will lose its meaning in the process. Ideal way is to keep it as short as you can. According to experts an ideal title is between 6 to 10 words. Moreover, try to add most important words of your title in the start and at the end where they are most likely to be noticed.

Optimize your blog title with SEO friendly notions:  If you are trying to rank your blog higher for specific keywords, better add them in your title as title give them an extra edge to rank. Moreover, having specific keywords in the title will give them mileage in search engines. For example if someone on the search engines is searching for best Web development company in UK, and your title includes it in the post, it will appear In the search engine results.