Top 10 Exam iPhone Apps

Your iPhone is not going to help you pass your tests otherwise colleges would be reduced to an iPhone app. But, if you want an edge over the other students, then you could do far worse than using one of these apps. Use them when you have nothing better to do, such as when you are on a train or a bus or are waiting for your guests to turn up. Here are ten varied apps that will give you that edge.


This is an app for people studying law, and it offers free multiple choice questions for people that are registered with Barbri. It is a free app to use and download and you can use it on your Apple Smartphone or tablet device. If you are not enrolled with Barbri, then contact someone on social media that is and use their user account. You cannot harm them in any way by accessing it, so there are lots of people willing to let you log in with their account. It is slightly easier to convince them if you are already friends with them, plus you should be communicating with other law students as it will help you later in your career.

2 – ExamTime

With this app you can practice for your exams and study for them using its various tools. It gives you quizzes to practice with and you can gain access to online notes. You can create your own flashcards and mind maps too. It stores all of your notes in one place and there are various other planning and communication tools you can use with this app.

3 – English Grammar Practice

Do you have an English exam due? For just $2.99 you can buy this app that has all the content for English grammar you need in order to pass your exams at Cambridge, TOEFL, IELTS, and TOEIC. Even at such a high qualification level, there are still parts that are ideal for people that are struggling just a little.

4 – iStudiez Pro

This app works for most Apple devices. It allows you to create schedules and specify the work you want to study and the information you need to learn. You can keep track of your grades too and you can use the schedule to remind you when your exams are taking place. Many also claim it is very easy to use on a regular basis, which is good if you have long spells during the day when it is just you and your phone.

5 – Babylon

If you are studying another language then this is the app for you. It contains over 75 languages and over 1,500 glossaries. This means you can translate and find out the meaning of words. You can continue to practice your language skills in order to pass your exams.

6 – EverNote

Not exactly an exam-centric app, but it can be used by a clever student to store study notes in preparation for an exam. That way the student is not reliant on the content produced by other exam-prep apps because the student adds in all the information needed so that he or she may review it at a later date.

7 – BenchPrep

It calls itself an interactive learning preparation app. You can purchase over six hundred lessons that are built to try to help you pass your exams. It has interactive courses and a library and is used for professional study.

8 – Study Blue Flashcards

As the name suggests, you can make your own flashcards and use them when you have some spare time so you may learn your course a little better. They are good for things such as foreign languages, especially if you are learning things such as idioms.

9 – BarMax CA and BarMax MBE

These are two variations of a bar exam preparation course, and they are both very expensive. You are going to need between $500 and $1000 to hand if you want to use these apps to prepare for your bar exams. There is also the BarMax MPRE, which is a free app and allows you access to things like flashcards as a nice way of revising for your exams.

10 – app

Want to improve your vocabulary and start completing your custom essay with more than just basic words, then this is the app for you. Go out of your way to look up five words per week and learn them by using them in your daily life, then next week have a look again and learn five more. Soon you will be writing and speaking like the true blue English person and racking up those marks for use of vocabulary on your exams.

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