Tuesday 28 November 2023

Top 10 Social Media Trends

10 Social Media Trends

The social media landscape is ever-evolving, and one thing you can count upon is emerging trends. It is no longer a place for socializing only.  It has become an open playing field for different companies for marketing their products and services. It has also led to the creation of numerous job opportunities, such as influencer marketers, among others. To fully take advantage of what social media has to offer, you must keep up with the trends.

We will look at some of the top 10 social media trends that will have a significant impact on how you view the platforms.

  1. The Evolving Role of Influencer Marketers

Influencer marketing is already a potent tool, and many companies have embraced it to push their brands and products. Influencers sway purchasing decisions daily, and research indicates that they may have a stronger influence than celebrities.

We are now adopting the term micro-influencers to refer to people who have a strong following without necessarily having celebrity status.

  1. Social Media As A Shopping Platform

Many companies are already pushing their businesses on social media platforms. The multi-channel approach is giving them access to a broad audience base, thus better conversions. It will become essential for them to allow shoppers to complete the transactions wherever they are.

  1. The Use of Stories to Sell

Companies will need to move away from hard-sell language, to the use of stories that connect with the audiences. It will provide a better emotional connection resulting in better brand loyalty.

  1. The Use Of Live Video Content

Companies can no longer ignore the critical role that live videos play.  The trend is not new, but it will only get better.  Research indicates that 82% of consumers interact better with video content. It could explain their popularity on platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

  1. Chatbots Are The Way To Go

Companies using chatbots to deal with roles that were previously the preserve of human beings. They are useful in handling customers without needing someone to be on call 24 hours. It is cost-effective, and best of all, it assists with enhancing the customer relationship with the company.

Industry figures estimate that companies in the banking and healthcare sector can make savings of up to $8 billion annually by the Year 2022.

  1. The Critical Role Of Social Listening

When you are on the Social Media platform, you must understand that they are listening to your conversations. You may find it weird that you will, at times, get an advertisement about something you were discussing with your connections. Companies need to understand what customers are saying about them, and it starts from monitoring what kind of words they use when talking to their friends on the social media platforms. The information will then transform into the basis for your marketing strategy.

  1. The Use Of Augmented Reality

Gone are the days of needing to go to a physical store to check out a product. It is now possible to test certain products without interacting with the tangible item. Cosmetic companies have apps that will let you know what you will look like with a makeup brand.

Realtors now have a virtual tour, and clothing companies will allow you to try an outfit by taking your body measurements and simulating what you look like. The potential with regards to the use of augmented reality is enormous for almost all sectors.

  1. The Role Of Geofencing

Companies need to target their customers right where they are. Geofencing will, therefore, become a critical part of any marketing strategy. Marketers will be able to push products and services based on where the target spends their time.

A push notification will allow consumers to get critical information right from their social media platforms.

  1. Enhanced Security and Privacy

Privacy and security are two important aspects in social media where users share their credentials and personal information simply. Even the government is also playing an active role by providing encryption backdoors to these platforms.

As we see that SSL certificate has been emerged as a pioneer security for social media platforms, online businesses, websites and Google has also made it compulsory for a website. SSL simply enhances the security between the server and the browser. HTTPS before domain name assures visitors and users that they are on a safe website.

  1. User Generated And Ephemeral Content

When you get people to participate in your marketing activities, they are more likely to want to interact with your brand and products. Use photos or videos that your customers have taken on your company platforms.  Encourage the use of hashtags in tweets or posts. The more you interact with your customers, the more they will want to get to know you, recommend it to others, and participate in your company activities. The user-generated content level becomes a fantastic way to get leads for your company.

Ephemeral content also works well because it is up for a short time, and people will want to interact with it when it is there.  Instagram stories and Snapchat have perfected the art of using such content. The customers will not feel like you are pushing traditional advertising on them because it will not always be in their face. You get to post different content several times a day without bombarding your followers with information.

Final thoughts

The social media platform is a playground for creative, innovative, and curious.  You get access to a broad audience base and can push content to them with the right tactics.