Saturday 15 May 2021

Top 12 Questions Which All Learner Drivers Should Know!

Qualifying the theory driving test is a must for drivers in order to take their practical driving test. Even many experienced drivers fail in this test. So, we can imagine how difficult it would be for the new drivers to pass this test. Here are some questions, which most of the drivers fail to answer.

  1. What are the problems caused by unbalanced wheels?
  2. Imagine that you are in a one way street and taken a wrong turn, what action you are going to take?
  3. When can you overtake on the left? Name any 4 situations?
  4. Select all the situations from below where you can overtake?
  5. How would you identify the areas used by trams?
  6. Name any 3 situations when you can undertake a vehicle?
  7. What drivers should do at an amber traffic light?
  8. What do the yellow lines and white lines across the roads mean?
  9. Name any 3 causes of skidding?
  10. Why it is important to switch off rear fog lights when the fog has cleared?
  11. You want to park facing downhill, should you?
  12. When a roof rack fitted to your car, what will it cause?

There are also many sites online that are offering the free practise tests to the candidates who wanted to appear the theory driving test. Remember, it is always good to utilize all the options available to qualify this test. Few sites online are offering special study material and DVD’s to help the drivers to qualify this test.

One thing that you have to remember always is never rush up at the end moment. Take your time to understand which site online can actually help you to qualify this test. Check the reviews of different sites in online to understand which sites in online are providing the best guidance to the new drivers. Moreover, you will also have a facility to select the date of your theory test as well according to your choice.

Before enrolling your name on any site, make sure that you know whether they offer any study materials or not.  You should also find out what type of guidance they are going to offer and how many candidates have cleared this test after taking the guidance from them. You can also book your theory test as well online by taking the help of such sites.

To know the nearest theory test centres in your location visit  No doubt that you will definitely be surprised looking at the information provided on this site. Moreover, they charge very less for their services than any other site online. Some thousands of candidates register their name on this site every year to qualify in the theory driving test and now it’s your turn.  The guidance they offer will give you a great confidence. In fact, the chances for you to qualify in the theory driving test will be high on taking their guidance.

Why delay more? It’s time for you to study and practise, without feeling any kind of panic!


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