Top 4 CompTIA Certifications for Beginners

With the current technological advancements, the competition among IT candidates has also got higher. Today, everyone is his best to reach the top. However, It is easier said than done. Reaching to the career heights is not easy and require hard work, dedication, smart work, and devotion. Here one of the best and the easiest ways is to keep learning to never miss on the trends. Individuals who understand the importance of continuous learning keep themselves busy in acquiring more knowledge to gain career advancements.

Some of the tested ways to refresh your knowledge with current updates is e-learning. This could range from simply reading articles to watching videos, taking online classes, training, attending webinars, enrolling and acquiring top certifications. Employers also prefer candidates with enthusiasm for continuous learning as they are most likely to take the company high along with them. Many organizations spend a huge amount on employees training and encourage them to get certified.

So, now if you are an enthusiastic professional who dreams big and aims higher, you also need to revise your work goals and align them with current knowledge and in-demand skills. While there are many ways to do that, one of the finest ways is to get certifications. Here, CompTIA certifications come in the game as they are globally recognized and are vendor-neutral. They taught the necessary skills to not just get a good job but also career advancements, more job prospects, higher salary, and popular skills. In this article, we will be listing the top 4 in-demand CompTIA certifications to kickstart your career and achieving further gains.

4 In-demand CompTIA Certifications for Beginners

CompTIA A+:

The first CompTIA certification on our list is CompTIA A+ certification. It isn’t just broadly regarded yet it is additionally held by numerous individuals as the starting course for any career. CompTIA A+ certification course is fundamentally a representation that an individual has PC expert competency. The certification includes a few working frameworks like Apple, Novell, Microsoft, and IBM among others and it likewise covers numerous advances.

CompTIA A+ certification is viewed by numerous businesses as the standard for the PC support experts. Having the A+ certification just indicates competency as a PC master. Not exclusively is it globally acknowledged and vendor-neutral like all other CompTIA certifications. However, it likewise demonstrates that the holder is equipped in regions like how to install a software in the system, update the system, security, networking, and troubleshooting in scope of working frameworks and innovations.

No of Exams: 2 (220-1001 and 220-1002)

Prerequisites: no prerequisites.

Exam Fees: $170 per exam (total= $340 USD)

Average Salary: $52K

CompTIA Network+ Certification

This certification additionally gets its way into the most in-demand CompTIA certifications, particularly for the entry-level IT experts. CompTIA Network+ certification is particularly significant for you if you have been harboring the aspirations of turning into the IT support team. After getting this certification, individuals have a skill like how to manage, install, maintain, troubleshoot, and configure network frameworks.

Similar to CompTIA A+ certification, this certification is likewise a beginner-level certification which just implies that you won’t really require a software engineering qualification to breeze through the test. Nonetheless, it is prompted by CompTIA itself that an individual initially gets the A+ certification before continuing to this one. Also, it I also required to have a minimum of 1 year of industry experience to successfully pass the exam and get the certification.

No of Exams: 1

Prerequisites: A+ certified

Exam Fees: $319

Average Salary: $63K

CompTIA Server+ Certification

In the event that you are hoping to begin your career in server support, Server+ certification is a perfect starting point for you. The certification is ideal for framework managers on the grounds that once one has it, it outfits you with specialized aptitudes and learning that are expected to construct and maintain as well as troubleshoot hardware devices and server software.

CompTIA Server+ certification is a mid-level certification and covers the basic concept of server configuration and management. Therefore, an individual with a minimum of 1-2 years’ experience will be able to pass the exam easily. As indicated by CompTIA, it is smarter to initially get A+ certification before setting out on this one. The CompTIA A+ certification gives you a decent establishing for other CompTIA certifications like + Network+ and Server+ despite the fact that you can sidestep it if you have legitimate work experience.

Consolidating A+, Network+ and the Server+ is a superb method to grandstand your tremendous PC aptitude to potential businesses. Every one of these certifications will give you a strong establishment in IT. So as to breeze through the Server+ certification test, you will be expected to initially finish a customary organization assessment that spreads issues to do with server like how to install, upgrade, maintain, configure, and carry out necessary steps for disaster recovery. In any case, before you proceed to sit for Server+ assessment, ensure you are equipped in the above territories first.

No of Exams: 1

Prerequisites: A+ certified, however, not necessary

Exam Fees: $294

Average Salary: $72K

CompTIA Security+ Certification

Want to have a kickass vocation in the security industry? CompTIA Security+ is there to help you out. Network Security is among the most quickly developing territories in Information Technology. Effectively taking and passing this certification implies that you are capable in-network framework, individual security, access control, and organizational security. CompTIA Security+ is a major advance upon your Network+ certification as it expands on networking through concentrating on the center parts of security. There is an intense interest for Information Technology security experts, and this is a direct result of the way that dangers to PC security are continually expanding in amount and seriousness. Subsequently, in the event that you get skill in networking just as networking security, you are no uncertainty going to be an incredible advantage for pretty much any organization that contacts you.

No of Exams: 1

Prerequisites: No prerequisite.

Exam Fees: $339

Average Salary: $95K.

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