Thursday 02 March 2023

Top 5 Android Apps That Will Help College Students

It is common to find students using innovative gadgets today.  The good thing is that many of these gadgets, like smartphones, help college students in many different ways – you can even use your cell phone to access review sites like that let you find great essay writer to complete your assignments. The availability of several apps has also made smartphones even smarter.  Here are some of the finest android apps that will help any college student in different ways


Top 5 Android Apps That Will Help College Students

If you’re learning a foreign language, you should have Duolingo installed on your device. The application works by helping you learn new words. You will find several exercises that will make it easy for you to get ready for exams and tests. Some interesting tasks are also included in the app to improve your overall knowledge about a foreign language. It is free to download for your android devices.


Top 5 Android Apps That Will Help College Students1

Have you ever wondered why someone from your home or friends calls you when you forget to turn your phone off during classes? You no longer need to worry about your phone interrupting the class with this app installed. This android app keeps your phone silent in class and even lets you save notes and set reminders about your homework and tests.

Alarm Clock Xtreme

Top 5 Android Apps That Will Help College Students2

This android app allows you to customize your alarms in a number of ways. It includes some interesting features, such as a gentle wake up (the volume of your alarm increases slowly), auto-snooze, snooze with math puzzle solver, and alarm repeater. It takes you five minutes to set all routine alarms and the app takes care of the rest.

Wunderlist To-Do List and Tasks

Top 5 Android Apps That Will Help College Students3

Your student life will become a lot easier when you learn to start your day in an organized fashion. This android app will help you do just that. The app gives you a remarkably easy way to keep a record of everything you will be doing in the day.  You can organize it with ease and edit it effortlessly. The app allows you to create different lists that you can share across all your computing devices. It means you can access those lists from different devices – your tablet, phone, and computer. It allows you to start conversations with your friends and family about your to-dos, lets you attach PDFs, photos, and presentations, and even makes it easy to share your work and delegate to-dos.

Workout Trainer for Android

Top 5 Android Apps That Will Help College Students4

It is common for students to manage their lives on a shoestring budget. Using this android app is the best bet when you want a personal trainer without having to spend any money at all. You can use this app to select from various workouts based on your fitness goals – there are workouts for weight loss, muscle building, and so on. You will also gain access to photos, videos, and detailed instructions for every exercise.

So, make sure to have these five apps installed on your android device to make your life more disciplined and achieve your fitness goals with ease.