Top 5 Announces From Google I/O 2015

All new Google annual developers meet 15 viewed by so many tech people around the world with enthusiasm. Google announced many things yet they have revealed so much about them, but awesome news has been out of the Google meet. In the meet, few things are introduced, but there was no demonstration time left for them because of the large string of announcing items. The meet went for almost 3 hours with all new fantastic announcements, which created excitement every techie person out there and worldwide. Let us see what top announcements from the developers meet.

Android M

Google has been top in chasing the time with its fantastic achievements, it announced another next Gen mobile OS for android. It has announced developers preview version of android M, which available for many android developers to tweak it. Many people are waiting for android lollipop updates, but Google came out another successor of android platform.

Photos App Unlimited Storage

Google has integrated the photo app into several its own features like in Gmail and Google+, now Google announced an unlimited free storage for photo app. So now, you can store n numbers of pictures, with a small limitation it supports 1080i and 16Mp pictures these are the maximum allowed. You can now select multiple photos with a single swipe, organizing the photos under different categories going to become much easier now.

Platform for IOT Devices

Google unveiled the latest their focus on the making the different device communication possible by introducing the Brillo, a new platform for different devices to run with android OS and can communicate with other devices via their own internet. This OS is going to run with minimum hardware specification and lower power consumption. The weave is the language announced by the Google, which enables the device communication and it supports voice commands.

Google Wear

Wear this time didn’t receive any major updates, but few supporting features are going to added to wear like maps uses the entire display of the wear and navigation stays alive during the navigations. You can also send the emoji icons by just drawing them, isn’t interesting news. It also gets changed in notification display.

Android Pay

It is another big announcement from the meet; the android pay enables you to make payments via NFC and uses HCE techniques for tap-to-pay services. This app creates a virtual payment account for then adds the amount, you just have to place the device near the payment gateway then it just does the payment process. It won’t share any details of the account of your at any showroom or sales centers.

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