Thursday 30 November 2023

Top 5 Cheapest Destinations In India

Top 5 Cheapest Destinations In India

Summer holidays are just around the corner, and everyone is doing their research to plan a vacation. 12th Boards have just finished, this is the perfect time to plan an outing for the last time, when you are still in school, with your school friends. Summers have already started, which makes it the perfect time to gain some relief. Don’t worry if you are running on a low budget, as we have listed some of the best destinations, where you can explore your adventurous instincts and nature’s beauty, without paying a hefty amount. India is a country which has a wide variety of holiday destinations from green mountains, to ice covered mountain ranges, from beaches to tropical forests. Traveling to domestic place is always a plus as you get cheap flight tickets.

Top 5 Cheapest Destinations In India

So sit back and read this article and plan a trip with your family, colleagues, or friends, as we promise to save your money as much as possible.

  1. Kasol

This place offers some great accommodation options at really nominal price. You can easily buy cheap flight tickets to Kasol, or using HRTC, bus services is always a better option if you are planning on saving some money. Kasol is known for two things its Rave parties and its chill weather. You can explore the city within an approximate cost of just Rs. 2000, including food and other per day expenses. This is the favorite getaway place for Delhi and Chandigarh youngsters. If you live anywhere around the northern region of the country, you can use your own ride to travel to the place.

  1. Goa

One of the most popular party places in India which is listed in pretty much every youngster traveling list is the one place in India, which is recommend by everyone. Goa has some of the best beaches in the country, with beautiful resorts, home stays and historical Portuguese architecture. You can avail cheap flight tickets, by booking them in advance, which will help you save some extra bucks. Goa offers accommodations at all price ranges, where you can live in a high quality beach at Rs 500 per day, or book a resort worth thousands. Students usually make these booking in advance to get cheap flight tickets and offers on these accommodations. You can explore Goa by renting a bike instead of a car. You can ditch the high end restaurants and taste the street sea food of Goa cuisine. You can do a similar thing, by skipping poker and casino visits, to explore the beaches in the moonlight and lighting bonfires with your friends. Explore Goa in its authentic essence, like the gypsies who established the place.

  1. Amritsar

Chime in with divine ‘ardaas’ at the Golden Temple. Apart from being a paradise of devout believers, this place offers one of the best foods in the country. It is a haven for food lovers. Explore the Punjabi food palate like never before, by getting indulged in the street food of the city. Airlines offer cheap flight tickets to Amritsar, which is an additional benefit for you. Amritsar is best known for two things Golden Temple and Wagah Border. At Wagah Border, everyday during sunset, our soldiers, showcase their talent and patriotism. If you are a spiritual believer, you can experience soulful serenity, by staying in the Golden Temple and savoring the langar for free, which will definitely be the best meal you will taste in the entire city. You can walk across Jallianwalabagh, if you get excited by haunted stories. Or just explore local dhabas and restaurants which offer exceptionally tasty food at inexpensive rates.

  1. Varanasi

If you are looking to gain some insight with your traveling experience, then this is the place you should visit. Your lust for travel will raise multiple questions with one visit to this spiritual city. This is included amongst the seven holy cities of the Hindu Culture. It withholds a sprouting purity and divinity in its outlook. Apart from gaining internal peace here, you will also get to taste some of the oldest Indian cuisines, at an affordable price. Spirituality being its essential part, the city is covered by colorful, vibrant temples at every corner. With the wide variety of hotels and guest houses in the city, you can easily find the one that matches your budget. You can get relatively cheap flight tickets to travel to Varanasi, as it is often not seen as a tourist place, which reduces the commercial aspect here.

  1. McLeod Ganj

This City in Dharamshala is a beautiful picturesque town that is extremely popular amongst travelers for its scenic beauty. Book your flights to avail some cheap flight tickets. As it is going to get hotter with each passing day and you will need an escape from the hot summers. All you have to do is reach Dharamshala, by train, flight or bus and then experience a beautiful road trip to McLeod Ganj. This place offers outstanding, exquisite hotel stays, at a nominal price. You can take your time to explore the food, museums, galleries and temples in the city, by appointing cheap guide instructors. It also has trekking and mountain climbing thrills, for all your adventure seekers.


Everyone deserves a holiday every now and then, and this is the best time to book your tickets to any of these places if you want to get cheap flight tickets mainly because advance booking always comes with a little discount or any other offer. Some of these places are not conventionally tourist spots, but what’s the point of exploring the world without gaining any knowledge? Apart from these places, you can choose to visit hill stations or beaches in states which are relatively closer to where you live as this will help in saving your traveling cost. States with beaches are a great travel option for people living in southern India, where hill stations will be a better option for people living in northern states of the country.