Top 5 Chilli Crabs In Singapore

The stir-fried crab coupled with lusciously sweet and slightly spicy tomato-based sauce frequently served with mantous – steam or deep-fried buns has satisfied every Singaporean mouth extremely well. From being a popular seafood dish in Singapore to its humble pushcart starting along the Kallang River, the appetizing best chilli crab has won international acclaim.  

Served by the seafood restaurants listed below, best chilli crab in Singapore is a classic must-try cuisine for locals and travelers.

Long Beach Seafood Restaurant

Hailed as one of the leading seafood restaurants in Singapore, Long Beach Seafood’s chili crab carries an outstanding sauce ganged with spice, and other flavorful ingredients, greatly improving the taste of the juicy and fresh meat of their crabs, often served with Chinese steamed buns.

The restaurant’s famous crab dishes include black pepper crab, classic white pepper Alaskan king crab, and chilli crab.

Red House Seafood Restaurant

If you are looking for a sweet gravy version of the chilli crab rather than spicy, you’ll find it in Red House Seafood Restaurant. Their mouth-watering sauce is a perfect combination for the crabs and deep-fried Chinese steamed buns or mantu. Red House Seafood Restaurant is also one of the oldest restaurants in Singapore that serves seafood.

They are known for their Kuei Fei crab in clay pot, wok-fried crab dishes tossed in black or white pepper, and chilli crab.

Roland Restaurant

Aside from their cheap seafood dishes and kind staff, Roland Restaurant serves one of the finest quality foods in Singapore. Their version of the best chilli crab in Singapore comes with a French loaf. The dish comes with a thick spiced sauce that really compliments the sweet taste of the crabs.

The crab dishes included in their menu are chilli crab, crab with spring onions and ginger, fried crab with yam and salted egg, etc.

Hua Yu Wee

Famous for its vintage and retro appearance, Hua Yu Wee also serves one of the best chilli crabs in Singapore. The sauce of their crabs are tasty but also considered as the spiciest among the other restaurants serving chilli crab in Singapore.

Their best-selling crab dishes include crab with chilli sauce and ketchup, steamed crab, black or white pepper crab, and deep-fried butter crab.

G7 Live Seafood Restaurant

The most popular and leading seafood restaurant in Singapore, G7 Live Seafood Restaurant serves the best chilli crab there is. With their secret recipe, they are able to bring out the balanced taste between the spiciness of the sauce and the sweetness of the crab’s fresh and plump meat. World-class quality crab with out of this world, palate-satisfying taste.

Locals and tourists love their best chilli crab and black pepper crab.

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