Top 5 Different Razor Varieties For Shaving

You must be wondering what’s the use of exploring the entire market to buy a shaving razor. Well, to some extent you are correct. But at the same time, we can’t say you are absolutely right. As if you are not aware of the latest razor shaving tools you will be lacking the knowledge of the latest modern shaving tools and their benefits.


So, stop wasting your time on whether it will be good to explore the new trending collections on twin razor blades or to use the old traditional shaving blade. Set back aside and scroll down the exciting selections on shaving razor.


Top 5 Shaving Razors Easy To Grab

  1. Disposable Razors: Next in the list is the disposable razors. In these razors, the handle remains permanently attached to the razor head. And that’s the reason why they are called temporary shaving razors.

    Disposable razors are easy to use and easy to throw. You just can’t discard throwing them out from your grooming kit as they are not durable. At some point in time after using it, you have to throw it and replace it with another one.

    The best thing about these razors is you can get them at a pocket-friendly rate. And thus they are perfect to be used in your traveling kit.

  2. Electric Razors: Here comes something amusing. With time, the way of shaving and its requirements are changing a lot. For example, there was a time when people used sharp-edged seashells as a shaving razor. Then appeared the shaving razors teamed with shaving cream or gel. And today, the shaving requirements have changed completely.

    You no longer need to use shaving cream to shave your face. Electric razors come in two different varieties. One that contains foil razor blades and another one that possesses rotary razor blades. No matter which one do you choose, you will get a clean impressive face at the end.

  3. Cartridge Razors: Cartridge razors are designed in such a way that you can enjoy shaving either with or against the hair follicles. The best thing about this type of razor is they have a flexible center that smoothly follows the shape of the face, providing a clean and detailed shave.

    Cartridge twin razor blades are usually featured with replaceable cartridges. You can find them with either metal or plastic handles. Choose the one that you think will be perfect for your shaving and use it.

  4. Safety Razors: Safety razors are the traditional razors that are featured with single razor blades, instead of the dual-edge razor blades. Their blades are replaceable which means you can change and replace it when you need it.

    Safety razors, unlike other razors, are durable. You just need to change the blade, the rest remains as it is, allowing you to use the shaving tool for a lifetime.

  5. Straight Razors: Straight razors are also known as cut-throat razors. They are featured with a single sharp blade and a folding handle. The blade remains folded inside the handle when not in use.

    Straight razors are often made of steel. However, you can even find them in bone, horn, wood, plastic, and in other metals as well. The aspect that distinguishes this razor type from others is there is no need for blade replacement. You just need to sharpen it occasionally in a year.


What are the different razor blades available in the market?

Exploring the market, you will find plenty of shaving razor blades are there in options. For example, cushioned razor blades, conditioned strips, rotary razor blades, and many more. Choose the one that meets your demand or that you find the best and use it.


Adding a trending shaving razor to your grooming kit will never turn down your impression. Rather it will help you to create an impressive look before others.


Get twin razor blades accessorized with your cartridge or straight shaving razor and enjoy shaving.

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