Top 5 E-Learning Trends for 2017

The modern day life has brought a fair share of challenges and benefits along with it. Technology has been an integral part of our lives where one cannot imagine a life without the use of smartphones and tablet devices and internet of course. Education which plays a key role in the development of future citizens has received a facelift by the advent of information technology into its domain. Below are some of the latest trends in the field of learning using technology in the year 2017:

  1. Learning Contextually

In the near future, people might get introduced to different styles of learning formats like digital learning ones that caters to the learning needs of the modern man/woman. To make their courses interesting and appealing to the students, training teams would rely heavily on latest designs of thinking to get rid of monotonous learning.

Also the induction teams around the world have realised the fact that learning should not be restricted to just fact based ones like the standard NCERT Textbooks. The style of learning should be changed drastically to fit the learning needs of the user by trying multi pronged approaches by fitting in various styles of patterns and consumption windows.

  1. E-learning with Two – Way Conversations

By changing the thought process of learning would be helpful for the tutor to convey his ideas by structuring the content instead of writing in the conventional format that would not capture the attention of the modern learners. It is quite easier nowadays to get feedback from learners as to what kind of content that would address their issues and would help them to learn better.

  1. Microlearning

Microlearning is one of the best ways to learn topics in the easiest and quickest manner possible and is quite popular nowadays owing to its simplicity.  The structured manner of learning with step by step approach with regular rewards makes this way of learning appealing to the people around the world. You would have seen them in educational apps and this is one kind of a model that grows along with the learner.

  1. Mobile Learning

Our modern system of learning happens through mobile devices like tablet PCs, smartphones and so on hence learning using mobile devices has been on an all time rise. Internet is stuffed with various E-learning portal offering study material online for CBSE and other Boards. Hence the trend is expected to continue in the same manner in 2017.

  1. ELearning socially

Most classrooms have a learning style where learning happens in an informal setting with social interactions in an online mode which amplifies the learning in a positive manner. For instance, learners could  conduct polls on various issues where they have a difference in opinion. Hence online learning has its fair share of advantages compared to some tiny drawbacks.

The points mentioned above are the indicators that e-learning has been the favorite platform for learners to learn new things in particular owing to the manner in which it is accepted among the general public for being cost effective and user friendly and ease of access. Hence, the trend is supposed to continue in the year 2017 like past few years.

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